Power ’06 – Sunday Night

As I’ve mentioned previously, I wanted to give you a little taste of the teaching we received while at Shenandoah District Conference. David Klob from Bethany Bible College did a great job leading worship with the band made up of musicians from the Shenandoah District. Rev. Steve Wilson, pastor of Greeley Wesleyan Church was the speaker. He preached from 1 Kings 18:41. This is one of my favorite Old Testament passages. He spoke of spiritual dryness. Most of us will encounter spiritual dryness at some time during our lives. In verse 41, Elijah tells King Ahab eat and drink and get going “for there is a sound of heaven rain.” So, how do we get to the place where we can hear the sound of heavy rain?

  1. Get rid of anything that is keeping us from God (Elijah killed the prophets of Baal.)
  2. Pray Earnestly and Righteously
    1. No doubt his prayer was earnest (he had his head between his knees.)
    2. In James 5:17, Elijah is an example of a righteous pray-er.
  3. Be sure to look in the right direction
    1. Elijah sent his servant to look toward the sea. Why? Because he knew that is where the rain comes from.
    2. The rain does not come from the east – Barren land does not produce rain
    3. The rain will not come from the north – it was sparkling and pleasing to the eye, but would not produce rain
    4. The rain will not come from the south – the green hills will not produce rain.
    5. Only the Lord will send the rain (Look in the right direction). Repent and turn to the Lord.
  4. See and seize the small clouds
    1. We should and will not settle for anything less than rain
  5. Be will to run wherever the Lord wants you to run.
    1. See Elijah run. See Elijah run fast!
    2. To go where God wants you to go — you need His power
    3. Steve suggested that, “You don’t have God’s power, because you don’t need it!”

He finished with an illustration about Death Valley. A year or two ago, Death Valley received rain for the first time in a long time. The dormant seeds in the valley sprung to life, even after being dead for tens of years. They were just seeds waiting for the rain. Do you want to be that? A seed waiting for the rain. If you are God will send the rain.