Power 06 – Last Entry

This week I have been relating to you messages from our District Conference and Power Rally events. Our Power Rally is really a two night campmeeting event. I enjoyed the worship and fellowship that the rallies bring.
Monday night Steve Wilson spoke on being on holy ground. His message was based on Exodus 3:1-6. Our desire as believers should be do live on holy ground (or time spent in His presence.) Sometimes we wonder how to get to God. Not that we don’t want to be there, but that we get lost. So to live in God’s presence on holy ground, what do you need to do?

  • Find the “far side” of your desert.
    • Moses was literally and figuratively far from home. The best thing that could happen was a “far side” experience. God has your attention. This may be where God wants you.
  • God must ignite us.
    • Whenever God is near something it is on fire
    • Moses had to be on fire for God. In order to stand on holy ground we must be on fire for God.
    • We can’t save the world from God’s fire without being on fire for God — Save us from our apathy.
  • Don’t be afraid of strange things
    • — the bush didn’t burn up–
    • God is God — God does in our midst things he has never done before
    • If God is in it I want to be in it.
  • Hear what God is calling us
    • Moses = plucked out
    • God wanted to do to Moses what Pharoah’s daughter did to Moses.
    • God wanted to give him purpose — He wants to do the same for you.
  • You must be willing to take something off.
    • What if Moses hadn’t
      • He would have never stood on holy ground
    • Sin and dirty items must come off — When God says it has to go — it has to go.
    • I must leave something behind — if I want to live the life God wants me to live.

This was a powerful message. It was challenging even in my own life. How many times do things get in the way of me standing on holy ground? What is in the way of me standing on holy ground.? I want to be the man of God he his calling me to be.

Power ’06 – Sunday Night

As I’ve mentioned previously, I wanted to give you a little taste of the teaching we received while at Shenandoah District Conference. David Klob from Bethany Bible College did a great job leading worship with the band made up of musicians from the Shenandoah District. Rev. Steve Wilson, pastor of Greeley Wesleyan Church was the speaker. He preached from 1 Kings 18:41. This is one of my favorite Old Testament passages. He spoke of spiritual dryness. Most of us will encounter spiritual dryness at some time during our lives. In verse 41, Elijah tells King Ahab eat and drink and get going “for there is a sound of heaven rain.” So, how do we get to the place where we can hear the sound of heavy rain?

  1. Get rid of anything that is keeping us from God (Elijah killed the prophets of Baal.)
  2. Pray Earnestly and Righteously
    1. No doubt his prayer was earnest (he had his head between his knees.)
    2. In James 5:17, Elijah is an example of a righteous pray-er.
  3. Be sure to look in the right direction
    1. Elijah sent his servant to look toward the sea. Why? Because he knew that is where the rain comes from.
    2. The rain does not come from the east – Barren land does not produce rain
    3. The rain will not come from the north – it was sparkling and pleasing to the eye, but would not produce rain
    4. The rain will not come from the south – the green hills will not produce rain.
    5. Only the Lord will send the rain (Look in the right direction). Repent and turn to the Lord.
  4. See and seize the small clouds
    1. We should and will not settle for anything less than rain
  5. Be will to run wherever the Lord wants you to run.
    1. See Elijah run. See Elijah run fast!
    2. To go where God wants you to go — you need His power
    3. Steve suggested that, “You don’t have God’s power, because you don’t need it!”

He finished with an illustration about Death Valley. A year or two ago, Death Valley received rain for the first time in a long time. The dormant seeds in the valley sprung to life, even after being dead for tens of years. They were just seeds waiting for the rain. Do you want to be that? A seed waiting for the rain. If you are God will send the rain.

Power 06 Missions Rally

The first event during Power ’06 was the Missions Rally. This has been an inspirational event both years we have been here in the Shenandoah District. The kids from the district sang a couple of songs for us and then we were introduced to several speakers. The first was Rev. Roger Bowers of Bayou La Batre Wesleyan Church. His church was literally on the front lines after hurricane Katrina blasted the gulf coast. For several months, the congregation at Bayou with help from many in the Wesleyan Church and World Hope International assisted those on the coast with food, water and many other immediate needs. It was great to see how the church was first on the scene and doing what we are called to do in building the kingdom. There were several videos and then Rev. Phil Stevenson – Director of Evangelism and Church Growth for the Wesleyan Church spoke. He spoke from Luke 5 about our partnership with God. How do we partner with God?

  1. We need to color outside the lines (Luke 5:5)
  2. We need to willingness to try anyway (Luke 5:6)
    1. Everytime we act in faith it involves fear
    2. Acheivement at unexpected levels
    3. Amazement at what God can do (vs 8) – The WOW of God
  3. Acceptance of bigger opportunities (vs 10)

He finished with five practices to partner with God:

  1. Pay attention to God.
  2. Give up to God.
  3. Be enthusiastic to the challenges of God.
  4. Be honest with God.
  5. Grow up in our relationship with God.

I was inspired to continue God’s work to build the kingdom of God, right where I am and to do more than that, to reach beyond our walls to help build the kingdom all over the world.

Power ’06

Today, our family returned home from District Conference. As part of the conference, we have Power Rallies. These are high energy events, with great worship and teaching. Last night, was one of those services that didn’t just seem right ending. David Klob led the worship with a great worship team from the Shenandoah District. Rev. Steven Wilson gave a great message about standing on holy ground from Exodus 3. Maybe finally, I start getting caught up after vacation and conference. Over this week I plan on sharing the preaching and teaching from Power 06 and District Conference.