No Hair!

Yes, I had a fight with hairclippers this morning and they won. I have been taking care of my own hair for about 18 months, but this morning the hairclippers gave me a fit and the only way to fix it was to clean it all off. Lucky for me it will grow back, unfortunately we are having the some of the coldest weather we have seen in Martinsville in three winters. But even then it is mild compared to what they are getting up north. I can see the comments already. Take care

Unique Music Boxes

Since we have been a Preston, we have received several unique music boxes and this year was no exception. By the way, Pam is a collector of music boxes, so these have added to her collection. She tried explaining this gift to her mom, but I guess we’ll have to use video.

Thank you to Rebecca, for letting me use her new digital camera w/video.

Anna Quotes

My daughter Anna left a sheet with some interesting quotes on the table beside the computer. It had some interesting quotes. I love the last one.

  • No good movie is too long; no bad movie is too short. — Roger Ebert
  • Some people are so open-minded that their brains fall out. — Rick Warren
  • Hollywood can’t write stuff like this! — Dad (talking about the Bible)
  • Soprano 1 is the worst vocal range ever. Those sopranos think they are so great; like hitting an A flat is a big deal — Me. (Anna). Ironically, Anna is a Soprano 1.

I got a great laugh out of these and it provided a much needed comic relief this morning. I did think it interesting that I was listed — I guess it shows I’m getting through.

Friday Fun

The following comes from Parchment and Pen via Monday Morning Insight.

Check out the full list at the above link, but here are some of my favorite

Top Ten Pickup Lines

  • “Paul said that it was better to marry than to burn. Therefore, I am under God’s mandate to marry you.”
  • ”Your name must be grace, because you are irresistible.”
  • “Until this moment, I thought I had the gift of singleness.”
  • “I noticed you crying during alter call, can I help?”
  • While giving her a TULIP say, ”This Totally depraved person has been Unconditionally drawn to you, Limiting himself to your Irresistible beauty that is Persevering beyond all others.”
  • “Well, gouge out my eyes and cut off my hands. If I hang around you much longer, I won’t have any limbs left.”
  • “You must have missed The Fall line, because you are lookin’ righteous.”
  • Sing this to the tune of George Strait’s “Chair”: “Excuse me, but I think you’ve got my rib.”
  • To paraphrase John Wesley: “When I saw you I felt my heart strangely warmed.”

Keeping it light this Friday.

A Little Fun

Today I was reminded by my daughter that she attends Southern Wesleyan University. She didn’t like me posting the clip the other day from rival Indiana Wesleyan’s Chorale. She is in the choir at SWU and they will be touring this fall. I’m hoping they’ll be close enough for us to go see them. So Rebecca, here’s a plug for SWU

Go Warriors!

And if I get a video clip that I can upload, I’ll show off your choir too. Love you!

Tangling with a Flamingo

Because we have Vacation Bible School on Saturday, I was trying to get the lawn at church and my house done. We work on a rotating schedule. Last month, I was down with my foot, so this month I took my turn by myself. We have two member teams to cut the lawn at the church.
Our sidewalk had already been decorated with some flamingo like the ones to the left. Being that I was in a hurry, I didn’t take them up and I started edging the sidewalk. That was a bad idea. Before I knew it, I had a dead plastic flamingo at my feed. I tried taping it, but that didn’t work. This morning, I superglued it back together and everything seems to be alright. What is the saying, “Haste makes waste?”

A Little Fun

Many years ago, in the dinosaur ages of Christian Rock, the band, Servant wrote the song “Jungle Music.” It was a song defending the use of “Christian Rock.” The song finishes with a dialog which worked in most of the current, at the time, Christian artists and the titles of some of their albums.

In that vein, my daughter Anna became inspired and wrote a letter that does something similar.

Dear friends,

U2 must be having fun at Jeremy Camp. I hope you will remain Kutless in your adventures. Did you about this New Breed? It started in Israel. Thursday, this BarlowGirl came up to me and told me about it. There is a Hawk named Nelson flying around the neighborhood. The Third Day you were at camp, we had a Sonicflood. It ruined all the Jars of Clay. Did you have any GRITS yet? Late Tuesday, I thought I was going to be a Dead Poetic. I was really Delirious. Did you hear about the new Switchfoot operation? It is cool. Norma and Jean if I can tell you. Project 86 you will have to be Reliant K. I have to stay Underoath. As I Lay Dying, all I can say is MercyMe.

Pickett Fence

Uno Attack!

Wednesday night at my in-laws, we played something called UNO Attack. It was a unique version of the card game UNO. We played it with about 12 people around the table. It has a card dealer that will either spit out no cards or a random amount of cards. Before we were around the table twice the 3 of us at one end of the table had twice as many cards as we started with. It wasn’t long until we had three times as many cards. I came no where close to winning the game and that’s alright. I had a lot of fun spending time with the families that had gathered there.

There are just times when you need to spend time with the family and last Wednesday night was one of them. We had a lot of fun even though we got a little loud for my Mother-in-Law.