Welcome to the Blogosphere

Rick and PamI just found out Pam’s “little” brother, who is much bigger than her has joined the world of blogging. Rick is training for a bike ride to raise funds for Liberian missions. Check out his blog at http://blog.boyertowntrinityec.com or click on Rick Christman on the family links portion of my blogroll

A New Milestone

Pam and I are getting ready to enter a new phase in our life.  Tonight, we took James (and the two girls) to Middle School for a getting to know you night.  When James enters Middle School this fall, this will be the first time since Rebecca has been in school that we will not have an elementary student in our family.  It looks like James will be in the band next year.  6th grade band is for beginners and since you have to play a wind instrument first, we’re hoping he will play trumpet (and follow in dad’s footsteps.)  Hopefully, he will be a much better player than I ever was.

The interesting part of the evening is when we were led on a tour of the school by Middle School guides.  It was one of the most disorganized tours, but we did actually learn something from it.  This will also be the first time we have a middle school student (Rebecca and Anna when to Junior High while we were in New York.)  So look out, here comes Middle School

Mosaic Update

Whew!  Pam and I are home after a long day of ministry.  Not that it was bad, but long.  Most of you are aware that we have this thing called Mosaic Student Ministries.  We rotate the assignments among those who have volunteered to help.  There are at least three ways to serve as an adult in Mosaic:

  • Drive the church van or your vehicle to pick up and drop off students
  • Teach elementary, middle school, or high school
  • Cook the evening meal/snack

Tonight was not only Pam and my turn to drive the van (I drive, Pam supervises) but also to cook (we were planning pancakes and bacon.)  Mosaic is unique in that most of our students do not have their own transportation and use ours.  It makes for some interesting evenings.  Tonight was no exception.  Let’s put it this way, we left the church at 5:25 PM and got back at 6:50 PM, about 20 minutes late, so we had to improvise without going too late and still get everything done.  The short story is everything worked out (it’s nice to have a plan, even when it doesn’t work and needs to be changed.)  At 7:40 PM, we piled the students back in the van for the homeward bound trip, finally at 9:30 PM, we arrived back at home, slowed in part to a vigorous snow squall that quickly dumped about an 1 to 2 inches of snow.  We were unaware they were even calling for snow.  Thank you Lord for your traveling mercies.  Interesting that the National Weather Service didn’t issue an advisory until 9:00 PM.

 We had a good time with the students tonight.  Once the rowdier students were off the van, we had some great conversation.  The relationships with our students are growing deeper each week, which is such a cool thing.  Mosaic has really lit a fire in my soul lately and in part because it seems like our students are wanting to grow spiritually.  The students ate up the pancakes and bacon so, on our way home I stopped at Hardee’s for supper.  We had one student left on the van, so we treated her to a snack.  We try to do that occasionally, making sure we rotate the students we take out.

Pam and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary with lunch at the Runway Cafe.  It is a little restaurant at the local airport.  Mosaic and our little celebration were part of the highs.  We continue on this roller coaster emotional ride of late.  Pam’s mom has been struggling physically.  If fact, we are still waiting as I write for some results. 

Like I said, “What a day!”  The great thing is that God was with us throughout the day.  I am in awe of His presence day by day by day.  Carp Diem!


questionmark.jpgThis past week, my family has been on an emotional roller coaster. My mother has been in and out of the hospital this week. The interesting thing is that most of my family are pastor’s families. We have all sat by the side of families who had sick or dying family members. They have all asked these same questions.  Here are some of the questions that we have talked about during this week. Has modern medicine gone too far playing God? I know if it was not for modern medicine, I would not be alive today.  Sometimes we try to save the patient but do we think of the quality of life that person will have. I am pro life but it is hard to watch someone who is just the shell of the person they used to be. Because of all the modern marvels, we now will have to make decisions about our loves ones which only God should make. Another question is, is it ok to ask God to take someone who we love? It hard to watch the ones we love suffer especially when we know without a shadow of a doubt that they are a Christ-follower and know their reward is heaven. I know it has been much harder on my father and my sister because they live with my mother. I feel my job when I talk them is to listen and try to help them see the big picture. I know we as humans will never know the answers to these questions this side of eternity. Instead, we need to lean on the understanding that God will never let us go through thing that He will not give us strength to go through. So with that I just need to put these questions in His hands knowing He will not let me down. 

No Hair!

Yes, I had a fight with hairclippers this morning and they won. I have been taking care of my own hair for about 18 months, but this morning the hairclippers gave me a fit and the only way to fix it was to clean it all off. Lucky for me it will grow back, unfortunately we are having the some of the coldest weather we have seen in Martinsville in three winters. But even then it is mild compared to what they are getting up north. I can see the comments already. Take care

We’re Back!

No, Pam and I haven’t fell of the face of the earth. No, we weren’t abducted by aliens. But we were in a place that had no high-speed internet and for some reason Blogger wouldn’t let me on while we were at my mom and dads. We have just returned from a wonderful Christmas vacation. Pam’s mom has made good progress since we last saw her and the rest of Pam’ family is doing well. Not only did I get to see my mom and dad, but I also got to see my brother and his family. It was good to have everyone at home for a few hours. Here are a few pictures.

My mom and dad’s Christmas tree

The family eating lunch.

My brother and his oldest daughter.

Mom and dad’s grandchildren

Me and my daughters got to sing at our home church, Trinity Wesleyan in Allentown. It was a great time. I even got to play with the worship band. My childhood and teen friend, Jim plays drums for them.

A Little Friday Night Entertainment

Over the last 7 or 8 years, our family has participated in Christmas concerts at school. Both the girls were involved in chorus at Schuylerville and Magna Vista and Anna has been in band. I taught for three years at Schenectady Christian School, teaching music – so Christmas concerts are part of the deal. Tonight was Anna’s Christmas concert at school and this year she was part of the show choir. They did a great job especially when the sound system decided to quit twice during the opening number — they use trax for accompanment. Anna is quick to point out, they sing all their own parts — meaning there are no background voices on the trax. Pretty amazing, because they move around — a lot! I was very proud of her tonight — she gets her gracefulness (or lack thereof) from dad…There was one time I thought she was going to fall flat on the risers, but no she did real good. Pam and I are proud of the choirs of Magna Vista, they did a great job and the show choir was awesome. I’ve posted pictures of the choir and one short video, without audio (my digital camera doesn’t record audio) and yes, it’s time for an upgrade. Maybe Santa will be good to me this Christmas.

Anna Quotes

My daughter Anna left a sheet with some interesting quotes on the table beside the computer. It had some interesting quotes. I love the last one.

  • No good movie is too long; no bad movie is too short. — Roger Ebert
  • Some people are so open-minded that their brains fall out. — Rick Warren
  • Hollywood can’t write stuff like this! — Dad (talking about the Bible)
  • Soprano 1 is the worst vocal range ever. Those sopranos think they are so great; like hitting an A flat is a big deal — Me. (Anna). Ironically, Anna is a Soprano 1.

I got a great laugh out of these and it provided a much needed comic relief this morning. I did think it interesting that I was listed — I guess it shows I’m getting through.


Last night after James came home from school, he was playing downstairs. It seems his hand “discovered” our futon. Not that it’s new or anything. We’ve only had it a couple of months. Any way it was hurting him pretty bad last night and we told him if it still hurt in the morning we would take him to the urgent care. James has been trying to get perfect attendance, so he was quite a trooper this morning. He had his backpack and coat on while still nursing his sore wrist. The short story is it’s not broken, but to play it safe school was out today and the put a splint on his wrist that he has to wear for the rest of the weekend. The doctor gave him Motrin which was suppose to make him drowsy, but if you know James, he is only one gear and that is full speed ahead. As a consolation prize for missing a day of school, he got a new Hardy Boys book.