Sunday Night Thoughts

Welcome back. It’s been quite the nice week weather-wise. As a bonus this week, we had our grandson Robert with us. We got to take him to the Strong Museum in Rochester. The Strong Museum is dedicated to play – all kinds of play. There is a toy hall of fame and e-game hall of fame and well worth the admission price. We also had a chance to take Robert mini-golfing. He did a great job. That was a spontaneous moment because we had planned to take him to the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum. This is a great place to come and learn the history of lumbering in northern Pennsylvania.

Yesterday our local churches got together for a picnic. We had a great time and we even had a little jam session. My iPad however had an unfortunate mishap with the ground. I was still able to use it for my notes this morning.

Speaking of this morning, we had a wonderful time of Spirit-led worship this morning. I preached from the book of Joshua. We continued a series we have been calling “This Ain’t Hollywood.” Somehow I got it into my brain that Rahab’s name was Rachel. My family tried to correct me, but I was in the zone. The point of the sermon was that we are called to be strong and courageous – we are called to have faith – but faith’s power is only unlocked through obedience to God. In his letter, James tells us that faith without action (without obedience) is dead.

This week is a busy week – Pam and I have some specialized training and then I am doing some driving this week. And at some point, we want to get to the McKean County Fair. Anna put in an entry again this year.

That about wraps it up. Have a great week.


Sunday Night Thoughts

Welcome to August. Pam and I and the family had a wonderful time at Refresh Retreat and Family Camp. We spent the week at Houghton College which is home base for Refresh. As I said it was a great time. We got to go to informative seminars – had the opportunity to be led in beautiful times of musical worship – we had fun playing softball and kickball under the lights – there was a fantastic foam party and nightly worship services – and lots of food. All of this made for some pretty tired campers by the end of the week, but it was great fun.

Yesterday, we picked up our grandson for some fun this week. We are hoping to go to the Strong Museum when we take him home.

Today was a good day as we worshiped. I preached from Genesis 22 – reminding us that God will provide a lamb.

As I started typing, I ended up with a bloody nose, so have a great week!

Sunday Night Thoughts

Instead of writing from the comfort of our home tonight, I am writing from the road. We are Refresh Retreat and Family Camp. It is our district’s family camp. We had a great start tonight with heartfelt worship led by Hannah Kerr – a Nashville recording artist who grew up in Buffalo and attended one of our Wesleyan churches in the Southtowns. Our speaker this week is Dr. Meredith Griffin. The musical worship is paired down and it was wonderful to hear the voices in worship. Like I said, it was a great way to start off the week.

This past week, I finished up running the school van for the summer. I have three weeks off until we start up again. It will be nice to have a little break. We are hoping to take one or two more day trips before James heads back to college.

Other than that, the week was pretty ordinary. The weather was much nicer this week – not so hazy, hot and humid. It was much more comfortable in worship this morning. It was beautiful to cut the grass on Friday.

Speaking of worship, we had a good service this morning. I preached on the 12 spies who checked out Canaan. The link is below, if you care to watch it. That’s about all I have. I hope you have a great week!

Sunday Night Thoughts

Well, it’s been quite a few hot, hazy, and humid days. Even tonight the temp is still 80 degrees with a dew point at 70 degrees. That means it’s quite uncomfortable. The A/C has been working well for us. It looks like we get a break in the weather tomorrow.

This past week was really good. I was able to get all my regular van runs in. Except for yesterday morning, I got all my regular workouts in. 8 miles of walking and 13 miles of running. Tomorrow I plan to get my 6 miler in that I tried get in yesterday morning. When I woke up yesterday morning, it was thundering – not a good thing to go for a run when that is happening. Our plan as a family was to go to Erie, so I didn’t want to push back that too much, so I didn’t go out for a run.

We had a great time in Erie. Our family visited the Erie Maritime Museum. At the suggestion of the guide, we also went to Presque Isle to see two lighthouses. I am glad we did. The museum describes the events of the War of 1812, more specifically the Battle of Lake Erie. It was a great way to spend the day. We even got a visit to Chick-fil-A and Krispy Kreme.

Because the weather was so warm we didn’t do much the latter half of the week.

Today we had a wonderful morning of worship, despite the warmth and humidity. Pam did a great job of preaching. She preached on the story of Esther. I’ll include the link to the sermon below.

It’s been a good day and time to go play a little guitar to finish the day. Have a great week.

Sunday Night Thoughts

This weekend, I ended up organizing the DVD’s in our entertainment center. It reminded me that we have many good movies that we can watch. This evening I was looking through for something to watch and came across “The Lion King.” This has been my favorite Disney movie. I almost pulled it out of our collection to watch – and it might be faster – and no commercials, but I don’t want to watch the whole thing tonight. Maybe later this week, we will pull out the DVD and watch.

Anyway, today was a gorgeous day – we had a little thunderstorm last night. Right now the hill is a beautiful shade of sun-drenched green, with the blue sky just above. This week I got back to a regular schedule of van runs. We had a ministerium meeting and got to meet a new pastor in our community.

I am currently working on my CDL training. I need another two nights of training. Then I will have to take the knowledge test to get my learner’s permit.

Yesterday was a wonderful relaxing day which set us up for today. Our District Superintendent was here and brought us a great message from God’s Word. I had the opportunity to lead the musical worship. The Holy Spirit was evident. After church we went to Sprague’s and now we are relaxing watching the Lion King. Got to get up early for an early four miler tomorrow. Have a great week.

Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Wow, that about sums up tonight. It’s been an amazing day…from the moment we got up…to the final light of day…which is just about now. We serve an amazing God. This past week, Pam and I have been preparing for Vacation Bible School, which started tonight. We also have our grandkids and our daughter with us. We picked them up the other night in Syracuse. It has been wonderful to have them.

This morning, we had a wonderful service. Revs. Steve and Ruth Strand who head up a wonderful ministry in Buffalo were here. Their ministry is called Urban Advocacy – it is a ministry that ministers to the least of these. I loved hearing their stories of Kingdom building.

Following worship, we had an International Dinner. Anna made some Tikki Masala and I made some Chicken Souvlaki. There was nothing left of my dish so we may reprise it this week while Rebecca is here. The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing for night one of Vacation Bible School. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. We are doing “Backstage with the Bible” by Go Fish Resources. It is great stuff – high energy. I think the kids really enjoyed it as well as several adults who were here.

Vacation Bible School will occupy most of the rest of the week, but each day, we get rid of stuff in our dining room. I think that’s about all I have for today. Below are a few pictures from tonight’s Bible School. Blessings…

Sunday Night Thoughts

It’s hard to believe that it is the last Sunday of May. Tomorrow is Memorial Day. I didn’t realize until today that the Indianapolis 500 and the Monaco Grand Prix are often held on the same weekend, as is the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte.

Tomorrow our church will have a float in the Eldred Memorial Day Parade as we remember the fallen. We had a float last year and many have told us how much they appreciated our church being involved. I have been working on getting everything ready for that this afternoon. Once I get done with this, I will finish up.

The summer-like weather has arrived, but we have also had cool weather over the last week. This past week I ended up driving many van miles for the various schools. I was also trying to get the grass cut, but between my schedule and the rain, it was tough.

Yesterday I was honored to be ask to be part of a memorial service for a pastor that had died a few weeks ago. I was asked to be part of the worship band and played acoustic and electric. It’s been several years since I have played in a full worship band, so that was cool. The service did a great job at celebrating the life of Rev. Fred Moore. I was glad that I was part of it.

This week, I need to get ready for our local church conference, which will be next Sunday. On Wednesday, I get a chance to present our ministerium scholarship to a local student at the school’s awards ceremony.

I think once we get past next Sunday, things will slow down a bit for the summer. We did have a good service this morning. I preached about John Wesley and his Aldersgate experience. That’s about all I have. Have a great week.