Running Update

Since I updated you last week, much has changed. I went for a walk and a mile run on Sunday. Then got up on Monday to run my regular five – on a very humid, muggy morning. I finished the run and felt good, but by the time 10 AM rolled around, I couldn’t walk at all. I spent the rest of the day on the reclining love seat. On Tuesday I went to the doctor and found out I have planters fasciitis. UGG! I was told to knock off any running or walking. Double UGG! And I was having a great running season. I go to see the podiatrist on Wednesday and I’ll see what they prescribe. I have been doing some therapy exercises. They have been helping, but the pain in my heel is there. So for the moment, I am grounded and hoping to move back into something shortly. I’ll update you next Saturday.

Running Update

We are five days into the month of June. I got up early to get in a long run, but I should have headed out the door immediately. To say the sun was warm this morning is a bit of an understatement. My goal as I headed out was to do 8 miles. I toyed with several ideas how to do that. One of the considerations was that I needed to be back at the house at the 4 mile mark to refuel. To do that, I separated my run into two out-and-back segments. The first was part of my normal 5 mile route. The second was new territory for me. The out part took me straight into the sun. I was sweating profusely and I forgot to wear a cap so sweat was getting into my eyes and was painful – then I turned around and had a bit of a headwind, which helped immensely. I was able to get in 8 miles and that makes my longest run since this time last year. It was a good run clocking in at a 12:24 pace overall. That’s been the pace of some of my shorter runs.

As of the end of the first week of June I have 25 miles recorded. One of the things I have been tracking this year is comparing my cumulative mileage to other years. At this point in the year I have already accumulated 462 miles. This beats 2016 through 2020. It also beat 2010 – but that was my first year of running. If I continue on this pace, I should easily be able to surpass 2015 again. My current monthly average is 77 miles per month…but I am early in the month. By next week, that average should be much higher, especially if I can kick out another 25 to 30 miles.

One of the other things I am working on is a running streak. My normal running routine is 5 miles (or an hour) which ever is longer on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, with a long run on Saturday. From Memorial Day to Independence Day, I am trying to run at least a mile every day. That means I need to work in one mile on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday – and then walk 3 each day. My one mile runs on Tuesday and Friday this week were good – clocking in at a 10:50 pace both times. I’m going to be curious if these one mile runs help build my overall pace.

Considering that summer is really starting to kick in, I felt good about today’s run and my overall running/walking effort this week. I’m hoping the hard work during the summer will yield benefits this fall. I’d really like to get back to running 6 miles in an hour – which would be a 10 minute mile pace. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do that. That wraps it up and I will be PRESSING ON!

Running Update

It’s Saturday, so that means it’s time for a running update. This has been a good week on the running front – at least for total miles – I did 5 on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and broke out to 7 this morning. This does not include 8 miles walking. So that makes 30 total for the week. I am at 95 miles for the month and am hoping for at least 120. It was nice to get out for a long run today – even though it was slow. It was good to be pressing on and feeling much more like the old running me instead of the running me lately. Pressing On!

Running Update – May 15

It’s Saturday, so it must be time for a running update. Considering that I failed to plan for the week and the busy week that I had – I did very well in my running game. Part of that is because I get up most days as dawn is breaking and have my run in before most people have had breakfast. I did three 5 milers back to back on Monday through Wednesday. I didn’t do any workout on Thursday – it was a crazy day and I was getting fasting blood work done, so running without replenishing fluid would have been a bad idea and then the rest of the day was busy. I ended up breaking a 17 day run/walk streak. So I ended up running back to back yesterday and today. The week finished with 24 miles running. One of my highest running mileage totals for a week in a long time. I also had four miles walking on Sunday. So not a bad week all in all. I had some good runs and then there was today – my legs did not want to cooperate at all.

For the month I have 65 miles. I am ahead of every year since 2015 and I’m working on taking that down. 2012-2014 are the only years that I am behind on, but I was in tip top running shape then. So it will hard to beat those years (at least this year.) I should be able to come close to last May’s 135 miles. So I continue to Press On!

Running Update | May 8, 2021

I haven’t done one of these in forever, ,but thought it was time to get back on the horse and start logging this again.

Since I last posted one of these, I’ve slowed down quite a bit – a far cry from the Richmond Marathon when I ran 26.2 miles in 4 hours and 20 minutes. These days I’m happy if I can be in the 11 minute mile pace. It’s been a good week of running and walking and I currently have a 13 day run/walk streak going. My rules are I have to run/walk at least a mile. Since last Saturday I have run walked 30 miles and it could have been more but we had some rain on Wednesday and a very busy day yesterday.

Today I ran my longest run in a long time – 6.5 miles and at a very reasonable 12:12 pace. It was my fastest pace of the month. Currently I have 36.39 miles logged for May and have already beaten cumulative totals for this point in the year for several past years.

Since I never wrote an end of year post, my goal for this year is 2,021 km running/walking. In order to hit this goal I need 4 miles a day every day until the end of the year. Obviously days like today help because I was 2.5 miles over that. So that goal is still very possible. I need to keep my eye on the goal – keep my eye on the prize as it were. I have always loved the spiritual analogies to running.

That about wraps it up. Pressing On!

Running Update/Quote

I haven’t written one of these in a long time. So far, 2020 in my running world has been less than stellar. First I wasn’t getting in quality runs because of my schedule and then COVID-19 came along. To say that most runs have been a struggle would be an understatement. But then today came along – while the uphills were tough – there were times when i felt like my old self again. I’m hoping that as things continue, I can get stronger – even without trips to the gym – but the quote above really sums up this morning.

2019 Running Wrap-up

It is December 31 and time for several end-of-year posts. First up is a running update. This year I averaged 74 miles per month. The lowest amount of miles in any month was January with just 23. June tops the highest mileage month with 101 miles. What is rare is that I only had 1 100+ mile month. Normally, May through October are all over 100 miles.

For 2020, I am aiming for 1,000+ miles this next year and hope to average 80 miles or more a month. So that about wraps it up for the year. But I continue to Press On!

November Running Update

Thanksgiving has come and gone and so that means so has most of November. Today is the last day of the month, so instead of a weekly running update, which I really haven’t done in November, I’ll give you a monthly summary.

Today I got back on the track. The last time I was there was last Saturday. We had a community thanksgiving service on Sunday and I was in my dress shoes all day and developed some kind of blister on the bottom of my right foot. I wasn’t able to run until Thursday, but the Y was closed. Yesterday Pam and I walked together and today I decided I better do 5 miles.

The early part of the run reminded me of the Christmas cartoon with the song “Put One Foot In Front of the Other.”

As the run progressed, it got much better. That run brought me to 78 miles for November which happens to be the monthly average for the year. With one month left in the year – at my current average, I will end up at 925 miles for the month – anything above that will be gravy. My goal was 1,254 miles or 2,019 KM. I will fall short of those goals. But it was good to be moving again – way too much thanksgiving food. And now – we keep pressing on!

Running Update

Today is the halfway point of the month and I am at 43 miles. Not the greatest effort, but compared to the last couple of months, I’m happy with my progress. This was one of my better running weeks of late, although all my runs were inside, but at least they were on an indoor track and not the treadmill.

When we got to the Y today, I really wasn’t in the mood to run, but I did anyway and was determined to do six miles once I started. It wasn’t the fastest run, but it was a run and when I was done I felt good about it.

In running circles, we say that you never regret the runs you went out on, but you will almost always regret the runs you didn’t do.

Hopefully I can finish near the 80 mile mark for the month. I’d like to be a little higher, but it’s tough without getting 4 mile walks in on the off days. However I am reminded of Paul’s words about living this Christian life, which is much like the discipline of running.

26 So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing. 27 I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. Otherwise, I fear that after preaching to others I myself might be disqualified.

1 Corinthians 9:26-27 | New Living Translation (NLT)

Press ON! Run with Purpose

Running Update

I’ve used this before, but it is very true. It looks like November picked up right were October finished. I was able to get a run in on Tuesday and a short one on Thursday, but because we had a men’s breakfast this morning, I decided to make it a quick walk. So far my mileage is not very good for the month, but I will see what I can do as it progresses. I would imagine, I will finish somewhere between 800 and 1,000 miles this year which is well short of my goal.

The bright spot in the week, is that short fast run on Thursday – almost clocked in at a 10:30 mile pace for four miles. I feel good about that – but I do continue to PRESS ON!