Picture of the Week

This week’s prompt was transportation.

This week the prompt was transportation. There is a set of railroad tracks not too far from the house. I liked the flare over on the left as well as how the tracks disappear into the distance.

Photo of the Week

Back during the beginning of the pandemic, I had a project called Picture of the Week. I realized how much I missed that, but was lacking the prompts. This week I joined a photo challenge from 52 Frames. This week’s prompt was door. The above picture is a picture of our front door and the church across the street. It was a door that we were not expecting during this year and yet God prompted us to walk through it.

Picture of the Week

This is a local landmark in Bradford. The Hooker-Fulton Building is an eight-story Art Deco style commercial building in downtown Bradford was constructed in 1931 by the Lawrie and Green, a prominent architectural firm from Harrisburg. I love the Art Deco stylings at the top of the building.