Wednesday Night/Mosaic Update

Afternoon Showers

Like most of the South, we are a much different weather pattern than we have had over the last couple years.  Of late, you can almost count on an afternoon shower or thunderstorm.  Roanoke had much more active weather, with a tornado warning.  The weather held off until Mosaic started, but it rained as we were wrapping up.  There is more of the same forecast for tomorrow.

Mosaic Student Ministries

Tonight was our annual School’s Out Picnic.  There has been a standing challenge to our students to get 39 on a Wednesday night.  Our students stepped up to the challenge and tonight we had 39 and I ended up with a pie in the face during the picnic portion.  We had a great time of worship — tonight we had bass and drums in addition to my guitar.  It sounded really good especially on Wonderful Cross.

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A Blue Evening

Tonight also brought to a close our involvement in Mosaic.  The next several Wednesday nights, the students will be getting ready for a program that they will put on after we leave.  It is another part of the transistion.  Mosaic has been part of our lives for three years now.  In just a few weeks, we will begin the process of building the student ministry program of Parkway Wesleyan in Staunton.  We are looking at calling it Crossroads Student Ministries.   It was cool to finish it with a record breaking night.  It was also nice to have the worship band tonight.  It was a good night.

Seize the Day!

Wednesday Night Update

Taking Care of Business

Wednesday is the day I get much of my administrative work done.  This morning I worked on my sermon and began working on the bulletin and the worship set for this coming Sunday.  I went over to church to work on it and also found that the air-conditioning was being fixed.  It will be nice to worship in the Sanctuary again.


On more event down — one more to go.  Tonight, our family attended Anna’s baccalaureate service.  It was a nice service and I was asked to pray the benediction.  It is a voluntary service and it is held off campus.  Graduation is Saturday

Video Director

This evening I worked on the graduation video for Sunday’s Open House.  We will have an open house for our graduates and several parents have submitted pictures, so we will put together a little slide show with music.  I especially enjoyed looking at Anna’s pictures set to Steven Curtis Chapman’s Cinderella.  Yeh, it’s totally emotional.

Mosaic Student Ministries

Tonight our volunteers took the reigns for Mosaic.  We had 9 students and 6 staff for a total of 15 and we were missing our family.  I heard good reports.  Next week, we have our big End-of-School Picnic.  I am looking forward to bringing a little live praise and worship next week along with a devotional.

It’s late — it’s time to get to bed.

Wednesday Night Update

Unsettled and Rainy

It has been several days of unsettled weather — cloudy and showers.  It looks like more of the same for the rest of the week.  Hopefully at some time I’ll be able to get out and cut the grass. The grass is growing like crazy because of the rain.   When it rains it is nice and warm.  I enjoyed the walk back from the church this evening in the rain.  

A Great Day of Ministry

Today I got up knowing there was much to be done.  There was worship planning for tonight’s Mosaic and for Sunday’s service and getting the bulletin ready.  I had the wonderful opportunity to visit one of the men in our congregation and we had a great time talking.  Days like today make ministry worth it all. 

Mosaic Student Ministries

Since it is Wednesday, it is Mosaic.  I was responsible for the food tonight.  Pam and I chose to have breakfast for dinner or pancakes and sausage.  It was a hit with the students.  Worship was great and the students were into it.  We had 19 students with 8 staff for a total of 27.  All in all a great day and a great evening.

Hope you have a great rest of the week.  Seize the Day!

Wednesday Night Update

Beautiful Weather

We have been having a nice stretch of weather. It started on Monday morning.  It hasn’t been too hot and yet the mornings have been very cool.  It was a great day to get things done, which we did.  

Mosaic Student Ministries

Tonight we had 18 students and 5 staff.  At first I thought I was in danger of taking a pie in the face tonight, but several students canceled out on us and several more had ballgames.  We did have several new ones and some who haven’t been here in a while.  I finished up my Noah series and (because of our teaching rotation) taught my last regular class tonight.  

I will get an opportunity to teach during our End of School Picnic in three weeks.  I will also be leading worship for a couple more weeks.  It was my turn to drive the students home and it was surprisingly quiet.  

It’s been a long day.  Time to get to bed and get some rest.

Wednesday Mosaic Update

Pam preaching on Sunday

Pam preaching on Sunday

Nice Day on the Weather Front

Today was a nice spring day.  We are beginning to run out of spring here on the Southside.  It will soon be summer and summer brings long, hazy, hot, and humid days.  I really like the spring weather we have been having.  It’s nice that its been raining on a regular basis.  The only thing I don’t like about that is cutting the grass every 5 days or so.

Mosaic Student Ministries

It is Wednesday, so that means Mosaic.  We are currently in a seven week challenge with our students to break our Mosaic attendance record before our departure for Staunton.  That would mean we need 39.  I would really like to see 40.  We’ve seen 38 several times.  If we break the record, I get a pie in the face.  We had 20 with 9 staff tonight.  Pam counted up those who were missing and we had at least 10 missing — so the pie in the face is a definate possibility.


Me playing guitar and leading worship this evening.

For worship we did something a little different.  Anna is in the process of training her replacements.  Several are interested, so she is teaching them the ropes on the projection system.  Instead of playing with just my acoustic guitar, I used some tracks that I made several years ago.  They have drums, bass, and keyboard — leaving me to fill in the vocals and guitar live.  It was lots of fun and different than what we usually do.

Getting Ready for the Weekend

This is a big weekend for Preston Wesleyan Church.  We celebrate our 60th year of ministry on Sunday.  Next year, we will celebrate 50 years of being in our current buildinng.  Our District Superintendent and his wife will be here and they will sing and Pastor Greg will also preach.  We have lots of great surprises and I’m hoping we have a great attendance.  If you’re from the South you will also know this as Homecoming — so we should have a great crowd, especially when you consider lunch in after worship. I’m looking forward to a great day.

Hope you have a great week.  Seize the Day!

Wednesday Night Update

Rainy Days and …

Most of the South including the Southside of Virginia has gotten socked in with some cloudy, rainy weather. This evening we were issued a tornado watch — with the possibilities of heavy rain, strong winds, hail and even tornadoes. The watch ends at 9, but thankfully, none of the above has come to past.

It has been rainy and cloudy since Sunday. It would be nice to see the sun again, besides the grass really needs to be cut.

In My Mind I’m Going to Carolina

No, not the Tarheel State but the Palmetto State (isn’t there a quartet by that name.) Tomorrow we make the trip to bring our daughter Rebecca home from college. It’s about a 4 and 1/2 hour drive one-way. We will need to pack her room and bring her back.

Hopefully, we will pack the stuff that she won’t need over the summer and separated it from what she needs this summer. This will be a summer of moving, so we are trying to make it as organized as possible.

Mosaic Canceled

Because of the Tornado Watch and the possibility of transporting student during bad weather, we canceled Mosaic tonight. We had a great program planned for tonight which revolved around prayer for our nation, city, county, schools, and church. It was Pre-National Day of Prayer Rally for our students and adults. I may use some of the resources at a later date.

Th — th — that’s all folks!!!

Wednesday Night Mosaic

Beautiful Weather

After a very hot end of week and a somewhat hot weekend (even for Summer), today was gorgeous — it was a tad humid, but the temp was nice — it’s 77 as I write with a chance of rain through the weekend.  The rain over the last few months has caused our grass to grow and yesterday I cut it for the second time.  It was getting a little long — especially the church grass.

Busy Day

I normally don’t work on Wednesdays because I like to save it for getting ready for Sunday and Mosaic, but there were things that needed to be done — so off to work I went.  It was a good day and I several good workers with me.  I always like when that happens.  I rely on those who are doing community service, so that doesn’t always happen.  We got the job that we were working on about a third of the way done.  That leaves Thursday and Friday.  Hopefully we will get it done and it won’t put us too far behind on our pickups of donations.

Mosaic Student Ministries

It’s Wednesday, therefore it must be Mosaic.  We had a good crowd tonight and we were missing several students.  We had 21 students and 7 staff.  I’ve issued our students a challenge to beat by the time we depart for Staunton.  My challenge is to have 40 (students and staff) on any Wednesday between now and the last Wednesday of June and I will receive a pie in the face for their efforts.  We have reached a high of 38 several times in the last four years.  In the next eight weeks, I want to see 40.  I think they can do it.  

Mosaic was good tonight — the students seemed interested in worship tonight — even when we did a “new” song.  We did Every Move I Make, Famous One, and Mighty to Save.  The “new” song was Famous One.  But they even did that one well, maybe because they heard it on the radio (I can hope at least.)  

Well, I have another busy day ahead of me tomorrow.  Time to relax and get ready for bed.  

Seize the day!