Monday Night Bowling

It was the end of an era tonight.  This was probably the first of the lasts.  As I already 100_1574announced, we will be moving to Staunton, VA this summer so I will not be bowling with the same team.  I’ve been asked to explore the possibility of fielding a team at our new church.

It was a bittersweet night as we gathered for our end of season banquet.  I have made quite a few friends bowling in our church league over the past few years.  The dinner was delicious — pasta salad, green beans, mashed potatoes, chicken, roast beef, dinner rolls and by the time we got there just carrot cake, but it was good.

After dinner we had our business meeting and then they handed out the awards.  The first award they handed out was Team High Set Handicap and I was awarded that trophy.  Very cool.  What that means is that if you take my high set of the season and compare it and handicap it with the other bowlers on our team, I bowled the highest set of the season for our team.  As a note, I also received this award my first season bowling (before I even thought of blogging.)

One of the ladies on our team won an award as well and placed third in the women’s division as all-around bowler.

We had a great night of fellowship and even got money back.  Cool.  Blessings….

Monday Night Bowling

Tonight was the final night of bowling for the season.  It was roll-off night.  The winners of the first and second halves of the season bowled for league champion.  The rest of us rolled against each other to determine the roll-off champion.  Tonight was not our night.  We bowled one of the hottest bowling teams of the night.  They had a great night — We had a good night.  Let’s say that our team will not be getting any trophies.

I rolled a 140 my first game, a 134 my second game and a 146 my third game for a 420 series and a 140 average — which by the way was my average for the season.  So any night you at least bowl your average is a good night.

Our season concluded with a banquet which because of the snow last week, will be on March 23.  The league has its annual business meeting and they hand out the trophies.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Monday Night Bowling

Tonight was supposed to be our Championship Roll-off.  Key word supposed.  Somewhere I missed the memo that tonight’s league matchup was canceled due to our recent snowstorm.  James and Anna are already off tomorrow.

Rebecca and I arrived at an empty but open bowling alley.  The person in charge made us a deal, so we stayed and had a little fun.  I rolled three games — I wish it would have been the roll-off, because I did well — 152, 126 and 184 for a 462 series.  That last game I started strong with a turkey then a 4/6/7/10 split then several open frames and then a strong finish. Rebecca bowled two games — she has a mean curve ball.  We had alot of fun.

The rolloff will probably be next week, so I got a week of practice in.

Please remember me in prayer as I go to surgery tomorrow.  Blessings….

Monday Night Bowling

Tonight was the last night of the regular season.  Next week we have something called a roll-off.  The top four teams compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the season.  The remaining 12 teams are all pitted against each other – each rolling on a different pair of lanes.  It’s wierd because the team you are bowling against really doesn’t matter, because you are rolling against 11 other teams.

We started the night in 10th place.  We will not be rolling for any of the top positions next week 😦  We did bowl very well tonight, taking all 7 points.  We had 42 wins and 42 losses, so now we have 49 wins and 42 losses.

On a personal note I bowled a 172, 114, 145 for a 431 series, which is above my average.  I will finish the season at a 139 average, which is 11 pins higher than last year 🙂  It has been a good year.  One more week to go.  Take care.

Monday Night Bowling

With two weeks left in the season, we were in tenth place coming into tonight.  I can guarantee that we will not be moving up in the standings.  We won only two points tonight and we were outbowled.

I did well this evening, rolling a 150, a 179 and then a 135 for a 464 series, which is well above my 139 average.  This year I finally broke the 450 series barrier several times.  The interesting part of the night would have been in the second game I rolled a double in the 7th and 8th frames, missed a mark in the 9th and then proceeded to roll a turkey (three strikes in a row) to close out the game.  I probably cost myself a 200 game.  I have two more weeks — I’ve been close twice with a 196 and a 199.

One more week!

Monday Night Bowling

Our bowling season is drawing to a close.  Just two more Monday nights in the regular season — a championship night — and then the bowling banquet.  It’s hard to believe this season is drawing to a close.

We started in 10th place tonight — we lost the first game by just 6 pins.  There were several opportunities by all of us to make that adjustment.  The final two games our time won as well as total pins giving us 5 win points and 2 loss points.

I thought tonight might be a bad night, bowling a 131 to begin.  I turned around and then bowled a 152 and a 156 for a 438 series.  My average will stay the same at 138.  This is ten pins better than the previous years 🙂  I’m hoping to raise it one more pin or two by the end of the season.

End of the season, here we come!

Monday Night Bowling

After a one week bread because of FLAME, it was back to bowling on Monday night.  The last time I bowled, I wish I hadn’t.  It was really bad.  Tonight was much different — although practice didn’t go so well.  Our team bowled well tonight, but the other team bowled better.  We are currently in 11th place, and probably moving down this week.

Personally, I bowled well tonight — 167, 170, and 151 for a total series of 488.  That’s pretty good for a 137 average bowler.  I had lots of fun tonight.  The season is nearly over.  February 23 is our last regular night and then the roll-off followed the next week by the banquet.  I’m hoping to end the season with a 140 average, but it will take lots of hard work.  But, I’m up for the challenge.  Blessings….

Monday Night Bowling

It was bound to happen sooner or later — I had a really bad night tonight.  It all started with an 83 in the first game, followed by a 113 and then a 123 for a 319 series.  I can’t remember the last time I bowled that poorly.

Our team started in 9th place.  We won games 1 and 2 despite my poor performance and just barely lost game 3.  As a bonus we won total pins giving us 5 points in the win column and 2 points in the lose column.

Tonight was one of those nights to just support my team mates, because no matter what I did, I could not get the ball to go where I wanted.  There will be no Monday Night Bowling post next week, because I will be in South Carolina leading worship for FLAME.  I can’t wait.  Blessings.

Monday Night Bowling

Stop the press! As we arrived at the bowling alley tonight, we were tied with five other teams for (drum roll, please!) 5th place.  We were very optimistic because we would be bowling the last place team.  Game one increased our optimism for a good night.

Game two and three would prove different as several of their bowlers had hot streaks to take them ahead.  I believe we probably only won 2 points and lost 5 😦 .

Personally, tonight was a good night for me.  I started with a 152 game.  In game two, I proceeded to throw three strikes in a row (a turkey) to begin the game.  I followed that up with a spare and could have had a really good game.  I finished game 2 with a 164.  Game three had all the potential for disaster.  All of a sudden, I couldn’t figure out how to roll.  Fortunately in the 6th frame I turned it around and marked all the way out including a double to finish as the high bowler at at 156.  This gave me a 472 set for the night.  That is a good night for me as my average is 138.  I was very please with how I bowled tonight.


Monday Night Bowling

The Recipe for Disaster

Take one of the better bowling teams in the league and put them up against our team — a team that bowls hot sometimes and cold other times.  What would tonight bring?

The Good News

We bowled good enough tonight.  While we did not have a spectacular night, the other team bowled much worse than we did.  We took all three games plus total pins.  That means we get 7 points in the win column and none in the lose column.  We started the night in 11th place and because of our performance tonight, should move up a few places in the standings if all goes well.

The Bad News

It was a rough night for me.  I struggled the whole evening with occasional streaks of good bowling.   I just couldn’t figure it out tonight, bowling a 124, a 124, and a 135 for a total of 383.  It was a sub 400 night (but I haven’t had many of those.) It should only drop my average by one pin brining my season average to 137. I have two more weeks before I have another break for FLAME and then I should finish out the season without another break.

It was a fun night and it’s always fun to beat a better team.  Blessings…