Somewhere Over the Rainbow

After a 15-1/2 year run, the Worshiping in Spirit and Truth blog is coming to an end. This blog started way back in May of 2006, while I was a pastor in Martinsville, VA. Originally called, Virginia Transplant then Reflections from the Southside…first on the Blogger platform and then now on WordPress. It seems like when I started lots of people had blogs, but over the years because of platforms like Facebook and YouTube and others blogs have disappeared.

It has been a good run. I’ve been feeling like pulling the plug on the blog for at least two years, but wanted to keep it going until I finished the present cycle of lectionary blogs. During Advent of 2006, I started doing devotionals based on the Revised Common Lectionary. The three year cycle took us through most of the scripture. That first three year cycle I did a commentary based on the Old Testament, Psalms, New Testament and Gospel readings. The second three-year cycle was based on the Old Testament. Then the third cycle based on the Psalms, then the New Testament, and now we have finished the three year cycle in the Gospels. During the COVID pandemic, the devotionals went from written to video. I do plan to continue those videos on both YouTube and Facebook. On YouTube, they will be on my personal YouTube channel and on Facebook they will be on the Worshiping In Spirit and In Truth Facebook page, that has laid dormant except for links from the blog.

Early in my writing career, both Pam and I contributed and I had all kinds of cool stories. We had the parable of the weeds, the popcorn parables, and others. For the last couple of years, the inspiration hasn’t been there. I found myself dreading putting up something. As I’ve said, many bloggers have come and gone in the time this blog has been around. I’ve enjoyed it, but think it’s time for a change. Many of the features will continue over on my Facebook page and/or YouTube and/or my personal Facebook page. And there may be a follow-up post or two here to bring some older posts up-to-date. But for the most part this will be the last regular post.

With that, Worshipping in Spirit and Truth signs off

“‘“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”’

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord

A Blogging Sabbath

From Dale:

I have been blogging now for over 7 years and at the moment I need to take a break.  One of the great things is that Pam has graciously accepted my invitation to take over blogging for the month of July.  While I will put up occasional posts, most of the posting will be from Pam while I take a blogging vacation.



4000_posts_zpsb597dbc3I mentioned this on Sunday night that I thought this blog would pass 4,000 posts this week.  Thanks to today’s “Tuesday Quote” post, Worshiping In Spirit and In Truth passed it today.

Thank you all for all your support and your kinds words over the years.  Pressing On!

Taking a Blogging Break

keep-calm-and-take-a-breakYou may have noticed a lack of posts over the last week.  Maybe you didn’t and that’s ok.  I have decided to take a little vacation from blogging.  I’ve noticed that much of what I put on here is simply links and posts from others and not much original. Pam has been doing most of the original writing.  I’ve come to realize why so many blogs “go dark” – the writers run out of material.  This is not a permanent break, but something that I need.  I’ll still post some of the regular features – especially things that are of a journaling nature – running posts, worship sets, weekly readings, but I need some time to collect my thoughts and put some original stuff up here.  There are a couple of posts, if I had time.  So don’t worry, I’ll be back.

Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts


number_7Seven Years

Today marks seven years of blogging.  Wow! This has been a pretty amazing journey.  I’ve written before that I started this blog at the encouragement of another blogging pastor friend of mine, Mark Wilson. I originally started this blog on the Blogger platform and then moved over to WordPress.  Over the years the blog has had several names: Virginia Transplant, Reflections from the Southside, Transitions, and now Worship…In Spirit and In Truth.  The names have reflected the focus of the blog in my writing.  These days most of the posts reflect the idea of worship.  I noticed that I have really gotten away from original writing and over the next year I need to focus on more original writing.  Most of that only happens on Sunday night during the oldest running series of posts on the blog – “Sunday Night Thoughts.” Pam writes original posts on Thursday and most of my running posts on Saturdays are original writing.  It’s good to have linked writing, because there are good thoughts that I want to capture here, but I think I’d like to do more original writing for year #8.

It’s Beginning to Rain

For the first time since we have moved to the Shenandoah Valley, we have had an extremely wet spring, making it almost impossible to get the grass cut.  It seems like it rains every weekend or at least every time I try to cut the grass 🙂 This week it looks like the temps might be just short of 100 degrees (in May?) I just rechecked the forecast and now Wednesday’s temps are to be around 90, but that’s still warm for May. I’m hoping I can get the grass cut tomorrow – it’s getting very hayfield-like already.

Sending the Kids Home

  • We had a great week with Robert, Rebecca and Michael.  It was tough to say goodbye as they headed back to Canada.  We had fun taking them to Chick-fil-A.  They went there several times.  We also went to Dairy Queen.  One night, Becca and Michael took Anna and James to a local gourmet ice cream place.
  • We took Robert to Gypsy Hill Park to feed the ducks and fish and hopefully next time he comes we can take him on the Gypsy Hill Express.

Global Ministry Team

Tonight our Missions team met at church.  We have a great team.  Pam and I, even after being here four years, are the newcomers to the team.  They have a great heart and passion for reaching people for Jesus, both here and abroad.  I is a privilege to serve along side of them.

Holy Spirit Rain Down

Today is Pentecost Sunday and we spent our worship time focusing on the work of the Holy Spirit.  We sang some great songs and the worship and technical teams did a great job.  I love when worship is that smooth.  Even more, I love when the Holy Spirit works in a service like that.

Closing thoughts

That’s about all I have.  Tomorrow I’ll get up, go for a run and then head for the office.  I am looking forward to a great week!

Pressing On!

End of Year Running Summary

Here it is, the end of 2012.  At the beginning of this year I was 204 pounds and now I weigh about 175.  I’ve been at that weight for about the last 6 months with an occasional foray into the low 170’s.  Over the past year I have run or walked for 214 hours and completed 1,356 miles. That means that over the last year I ran and walked from New Orleans to Ottawa.  It would only take you 24 hours to drive it.  The more amazing thing is that I ran 200 more miles but did that in 3 less hours than 2011.  I finished off this year with a run this afternoon – a 7 miler in under an hour at an 8:24 pace.  I was about a minute per mile slower last year.

Pressing On! 

By the way, this makes post #3500.  It’s hard to believe that Pam and I have written that many posts in the last 6-1/2 years.