The Chief End of Man

What is the chief end of man? Asks the Westminster Short Catechism. The answer: To glorify God and enjoy Him forever. “ To praise Him is the original desire sewn into every fiber of our God – designed humanity and into every aspect of our God -designed world. When we sing God’s praise, we join with the tune of the cosmos. Just pause. Isn’t this incredible?

Keith Getty

We Sing to Him

Don’t sing primarily because you love singing, or keep quiet because you do not. Sing because you love who made you, and formed you, and enables you to sing:

We sing to Him whose wisdom form’d the ear, our songs , let Him who gave us voices, hear, we joy in God, who is The spring of mirth, who loves the harmony of Heav’n and earth: our humble sonnets shall that praise rehearse, who is the music of the Universe. And whilst we sing, we consecrate our art, and offer us with every tongue a heart.

Nathaniel Ingelo – 1688

Top News Stories 2017

Every year the major news networks put together a list of their top 10 news stories of the year.  I put together what I thought were the top stories of 2017. Interestingly enough, Dale checked my stories with others and we came up with many of the same selections.  Whether you agree or disagree – you may be on one side or the other of these stories – these stories made an impact on our culture and country this year.

  1. #metoo
  2. The National Anthem Controversy | NFL Players
  3. Charlottesville | Taking down monuments
  4. Racial Tensions
  5. Mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas
  6. Opioid Epidemic
  7. Hurricane devastation.