About Worshiping…

I started writing this blog almost ten years ago.  It was started as a different means of expression.  I have never considered myself a writer.  It’s never been a goal of mine to write the next great American novel. I’ve never even wanted to write a book.  I was silently encouraged by a blogging friend of mine to try it and so the experiment began.  I never expected to be writing an almost daily blog when I first started out, but as I continued to blog, I found some areas that were my passion or areas that I had an interest in and started writing about them.  This blog has always been a work in progress. Over the past few years, this blog has undergone several name changes from Virginia Transplant to Reflections from the Southside to Transitions and now, Worshiping In Spirit and Truth. My plan is to share how we live out worship, not only at church but in our everyday lives.  It will also be a reflection on my thoughts as I prepare for worship each week.

One of the longest features of this blog has been Sunday Night Thoughts.  This is written during the waning hours on Sunday evening as I reflect back on the day’s events.

Some of the other now regular features are:

  • Sunday Set List – a listing of the morning worship service.  It helps me as I plan each week and gives you, my reader, a chance to see what songs we did during the past week.
  • Music Monday – I like to share a video that has touched me or Pam during the last week.
  • Tuesday Quote – It’s been interesting to find various quotes about leadership, the church, ministry, and being a believer or even an inspirational quote.  You will find these on Tuesday.
  • Weekly Lectionary Reading – One of the things I was introduced to in college was the lectionary and this blog gives me a chance to write devotionals based on the lectionary readings.  I also follow the special days and write about those as well.
  • Running Update – a Saturday regular feature.  In August of 2009 I started a new adventure.  At the prodding of our then senior pastor, I began running.  In the process I lost 80 pounds and turned my life around health-wise.  This feature describes the ups and downs – literally – of my running.

In December of 2007, my wife, Pam joined Worshiping…in Spirit and in Truth and usually writes on Thursdays.  What has been interesting of late is that according to the stats, Pam’s posts usually draw more views than mine.  Some of the top views on this blog have been posts that Pam has written.

Join Pam and I as we continue on our journey of worship and the church.