Sunday Thoughts

Daylight Saving Time has ended, and so I caught this picture about 5:15 this evening. I was headed over to church to get ready for our acoustic night of worship. It’s part of something that I am calling 1st Sundays. The first Sunday evening of each month we are planning some type of special event. Next month we have a harp ensemble coming. In January we will have a Covenant Renewal Service and in February, we are planning a chili cook-off. Tonight’s night of worship was fun because we did it in an informal way with just me on guitar and vocals and Anna on flute. It took me back to the nights we were at Emmaus Road (a coffee house ministry) in Bradford, PA. It topped off what has been a really good week.

So since I didn’t write anything last Sunday. I was way too tired, let me say that our Trunk or Treat event was a great success. We had over 800 people come onto our property. The Millsboro Police and Millsboro Fire Police helped us out with traffic and keeping our guests and their guest safe. Our properties sit on opposite corners of an intersection. I was so please with The Journey. We had lots of help. I would estimate that 80% of our regular attenders were involved in some way at Trunk or Treat. That is truly amazing. I am grateful to God for the congregation of The Journey and the leadership. I really do believe we have some great days ahead of us.

It took most of Monday to recover from Trunk or Treat. I didn’t even go out on a run because I was so sore. But I did bask in what was accomplished. Several times on Sunday night I was brought to tears by God’s faithfulness. We took it easy and recovered from Sunday. Most of the rest of the week was doing stuff that needed to be done. I and a man from our congregation got our electrical service out on our field back up to snuff. Some of the electrical equipment had taken a beating from the weather over the years. We replaced a couple outdoor receptacle covers and even some receptacles. I did some organizing and got to organize some of the church’s sound equipment. Pam and I did get to take leftover cookies to several local organizations and told the people they were a gift from the church.

Yesterday was really nice because I stayed vigilant and was able to take the day off and not have to worry about church stuff. We went to the Nanticoke Indian Museum. In case you didn’t know, November is National Native American Month. They had several displays and vendors as well as free admission to the museum. It seemed like bed time would never come and add to that that we gained an hour. I was up and ready to roll at 5 this morning.

We had a good service this morning and I preached on the importance of shining like stars from Philippians 2. The afternoon melted away and now it’s time to wrap it up. It’s been a good week and I look forward to what is ahead. Carpe Diem!

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