Sunday Thoughts

Well good evening. The above picture is our family. It is the first family picture we’ve had since the little one in the red was baptized. That means its been a long time. Today our day was spent returning back to our home here in Delaware. We had a great time visiting our daughter and her family and got to watch our oldest grandson take his first communion. We left Ontario this morning with a chilly 31 degrees. By the time we got home it was a beautiful 70 degrees.

This was the first Sunday that Pam and I have had off since our youngest grand daughter was baptized, which was before COVID-19 shut everything down. Even though we had the Sunday off, we joined with our colleagues in ministry via a Zoom call. It was good to be able to pray over my friends.

This week had me preparing for being off this week. It was good to be back in our Wednesday prayer meeting after several weeks off due to sickness. We also all had to get COVID tests – that in and of itself was a bit of trial and error this time. I had to get swabbed twice and the place that we normally get them changed their hours and also required appointments. But by late Wednesday we had all the required results.

This coming week has us preparing for our church’s annual Trunk or Treat. While we weren’t here last year, it had to be canceled because of COVID. I know our church is excited about next Sunday evening.

That’s about all I have for this week. Have a great one and seize the day!

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