Sunday Thoughts

Good evening and welcome to Sunday Night Thoughts for October 17, 2021. It has been a busy week here. The early part of the week was dreary to say the least. We had an almost constant drizzle/rain for three days. On Tuesday afternoon, the sun broke out for a moment and we caught this rainbow and just like that it was gone and the clouds and dreariness moved back in. That continued through Wednesday.

Early Wednesday morning, I was up a 2 AM to head to Indiana. I’ve already written a post about how God provided a vision for The Journey to acquire a new van/bus. We loaded up an RV for Elkhart, IN to pick up this beautiful addition to our ministry. This morning we got to use it for the first time. It is 15 passengers and has room for 2 wheelchairs and comes complete with a ramp to bring people on and off the van. Everyone here is so excited. The picture below depicts us taking possession of the bus.

We turned around and headed back for home and arrived here around 4 AM on Thursday morning. That means I was pretty much wiped for the rest of the Thursday and had to push through the fog to get ready for Sunday.

Yesterday, we had praise team rehearsal and then Pam, James, and I headed for Ocean City, MD. This week they were offering free admission to the county museums. We decided to go to the Life Saving Station Museum in OC. The Life Saving Stations were a precursor to the US Coast Guard. It was a fascinating history lesson. Not only was the museum free, but because of a special event in OC, so was the park and ride, which was great because there was no parking available downtown. We learned this the hard way by trying to find a place downtown and then elected to go back to the park and ride.

Upon arriving downtown, we headed for the boardwalk for some food. Except for Thrashers Fries, this was the first boardwalk food we had. We stopped at A-Station. The food was delicious and served hot. Finally we got back home and prepared for today.

We had an awesome worship service this morning. Not only that, but The Journey threw us a little Pastor Appreciation reception. It was a bit overwhelming. They loved on us well and as you can see we had quite the spread of food. It’s been a great week.

Before I wrap it up, it has been a good week of running. I need to get back to posting about my running again, now that I have healed and am back at it. I took in 19 miles this week and am really happy about that, even if the pace is slow, but it feels great.

That about wraps it up for this week. I am looking forward to what this week has in store. Have a great one and Seize the Day!

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