Sunday Thoughts

Overcast skies above Millsboro tonight

Yes, while we haven’t had completely overcast skies the last two day, that has been the general mood. We didn’t get much rain however. There was some rain overnight and a little this afternoon. It is a rare occurrence for us to have long periods of overcast, unlike our days in Eldred where that could be days on end. It is still staying summerlike. There are some leaves turning and some leaves falling, but for the most part it still seems like summer instead of early fall. This coming week we will again see temps into the 80’s. Most of that should change by the time next Sunday rolls around.

This was an interesting week to say the least. Because we had a guest musical artist in this morning, I didn’t have to prepare a message or work on the worship set, so it was an easier week, but the busy weeks are coming. This is going to be one of them. I’m glad this week was easy because Wednesday I came down with something – don’t know exactly what it was but it was nasty on Wednesday and Thursday. I feel great and Friday was a productive day – getting ready for the concert – I went out for a run, went to physical therapy, helped cut the grass and we relocated the speakers in our sanctuary. They were a bit low and I had cracked my head on them several times and so did others. They are now much higher and out of harms way.

Yesterday I went out for one of my longer runs since restarting. It was a slow 5 miles, probably because my body hadn’t totally recovered. But I am getting some good mileage in. I already have over 30 miles for the month.

This week finds me preparing for a special service on Friday evening. We are having a service for those who have lost pregnancies or lost a child. October 15th is the national day of remembrance. 1 in 4 woman have lost a pregnancy or had an infant child die. It is a traumatizing experience and we want to acknowledge that.

Last night we had a wonderful time of fellowship with our church. We had a ShrimpFest and we had some great food and even had leftovers. Our special musical guest was able to be part of the festivities as well.

Speaking of…We hosted Katy Kinard for a concert this morning. She does a great job and I love her honest spirit and songwriting. If you are looking for a solo, acoustic singer/songwriter, I encourage you to check her out. After worship, we went to our local Grotto Pizza and then sent them on their way and we came home to rest. It’s been great to just relax this afternoon – watch the Eagles win! Fly, Eagles, Fly!

That wraps it up. Have a great week and Seize the Day!

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