Sunday Thoughts

Well, good evening. Welcome to the first Sunday Thoughts of October. It’s been a good week here in Delaware. The weather has finally turned the corner and it is feeling more like fall, but doesn’t necessarily look like fall yet. We had several mornings in the high 40’s. It was nice to run in those cool temps. With the temps we have had all summer, it almost felt cold.

I was able to get out and finish September with almost 90 miles. Considering I only had 20 miles in August, I consider this a major win. At this point, I’m working at trying to at least get close to the total mileage totals for the last couple of years. I’d really like to be close to 900 miles, but need about 260 miles to get there.

On Wednesday our son had off from work. We had a leftover gift card from Applebee’s so we took James out to lunch. It was fun to go out and enjoy some time with him.

On Thursday we had the first of our regional pastor’s meetings. This was a great time of fellowship. We were able to share what God is doing in our churches and how He is working in each of us.

This morning we had a good service. It was our 74th Anniversary at the Journey. We also celebrated the World Day of Communion. We are still working on some issues with copyright blocks on our Facebook page. I’m thinking of trying YouTube to see if we can not have that happen.

That about wraps it up. Have a great week and Seize the Day!

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