Sunday Thoughts

Sixteen Years to the Day

As I start to type, we are watching the evening news. I was reminded that 16 years ago today Katrina slammed into New Orleans. We had just recently moved to Martinsville, VA. I remember the video clips…and the ensuing rise in gas prices. It was one of the few times in my life, I remember paying over $4 a gallon. Today again we are watching the video clips of roofs being peeled off houses, rising water…and all this with the COVID surge in Louisiana. It looks like we will feel the effects of the remains on Wednesday and Thursday.

Going North

Last Sunday we began the anticipation of a road trip. Monday morning we got up and went to get our COVID tests. Dummy me forgot my wallet, so we had to circle back home and come back to get my test. We needed negative COVID tests to go see our family in Canada. We received the good news early on Tuesday morning and began the plans to be there by Wednesday afternoon.

Going across the border was surreal to say the least. There wasn’t much traffic headed across the border. It took a bit longer because of the paperwork that was needed – proof of vaccination, proof of a negative COVID test. But it was all worth it to see the looks on the faces of our family as we arrived. We were greeted by Anna and Robert at the door and got hugs and then we met the rest in the living room. Richeldis gave be a big hug – which I wasn’t expecting and that made my eyes leak.

We had a great time for two and a half days in Canada and started back home early yesterday morning. It’s hard to get three active children for a portrait. I took nearly 20 photos to get this shot.

A Praise and Worship Service

We didn’t do much else this week except go to Canada. We did run into some afternoon thunderstorms which did create a challenge driving, especially in Philadelphia. We got home about 4 PM and started preparing for worship today.

This morning we had a Praise and Worship service. We sang songs of praise, gave testimonies, sang some favorite hymns and worshipped God through musical praise. It was a great service and the Holy Spirit was evident. We even had a few new people in worship with us – and some people who haven’t been there in a long time.

This week things get back to normal, but our church is serving lunch to the teachers at the middle school just down the street. We are planning on grilling hamburgers, so we are hoping we don’t get affected by the remnants of Ida.

That’s about all I have. Seize the Day!

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