Sunday Thoughts

It’s Sunday evening so time for Sunday Thoughts. This past week was spent hosting Vacation Bible School at the Journey. We had a great week and I am very thankful for our volunteers. We had a great group who did a great job. Backstage with the Bible is history. This was the first time Pam and I had ever done an outdoor Vacation Bible School. The weather made it a challenge – partly because of the high dew points and warm temps – then for several nights we had the threat of rain. One night it rained the whole time we were having VBS. One night it let loose about an two hours before, but stopped about about 4:30. It was interesting trying to do video outside and some of my equipment had some difficult moments. But by the time we went live every night – things worked the way they should. Like I’ve already said, we had a great time.

Now we get ready to do our teacher’s luncheon for the middle school two blocks away. I am so thankful again to one of my board members who is putting it all together. That will be on September 1. We are looking forward to serving our teachers.

I really tried to spend today as a Sabbath – at least once church was over. We had a good service this morning. Pam preached about Elijah and how sometimes we have to wait for God to put all our pieces together and that we need to follow God’s directions for our lives. She did a great job.

The summer is rapidly drawing to a close. It also mean that the tourists traffic will be less. I am looking forward to that. Looks like tonight’s Sunday night thoughts is a little shorter. Have a great week and Carpe Diem!

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