Sunday Night Thoughts

Here we are on Sunday night and we completed our first night of Vacation Bible School. We are using an older program called Backstage with the Bible from the Go Fish Guys. We are outside because of COVID precautions, so its different than being in side with all of our tech, although we did have a projector and my sound system. It was about 84 degrees when we started with some humidity, so it truly was sweating with the oldies. We had a good first night, but I was a little disappointed with the turnout. I’m hoping it’s because people didn’t realize we were starting on Sunday night. I’m hoping for a better turnout tomorrow evening.

It’s been a hot one this week, as it has been around the nation this week. We did get a little break today. It was the first day not in the 90’s for about a week. Hopefully it stays cooler this week. And let’s hope the rain stays away.

We spent the week preparing for Vacation Bible School and for worship this Sunday. We pretty much wanted to stay inside because of the weather, but yesterday, several people came and helped us put up a rather large tent for VBS. I came home soaked from the humidity. I am so grateful for all those who came and helped.

We are hoping to get to see our daughter and grandchildren soon, with the Canadian border open. COVID has been a difficult time.

I really don’t have much more to say. It’s already dark and this is the latest on a Sunday that I have posted in a while. Take care and Seize the Day!

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