Sunday Thoughts

It’s Sunday afternoon…time to put this together. This morning started out cloudy and the sky is still partially overcast. We had some much needed ran yesterday afternoon into the night. Our grass was really starting to turn brown.

This past week was quiet because we have several camps going on – Denton Camp, Seyfert Camp and the local Carey’s Camp. We are getting ready for our Vacation Bible School. We are doing the Go Fish Guy’s “Backstage with the Bible.” We are planning to do the VBS outside, so we need to set up the church’s tent this Saturday. I love the songs from Backstage and am really looking forward to it even though we have no idea how many kids will show up.

We had another good time at the Millsboro Farmers Market and learned of several more opportunities to minister to our community, for which I am really excited. It was pretty quiet there yesterday, although we sold about 10 scrapple sandwiches.

We had a good worship service this morning, although because of camp, our crowd was small. Pam taught Sunday School and I preached.

I don’t know that I have much more to share. Have a great week! Carpe Diem!

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