Monday Thoughts

Good Monday morning. I’ve already posted a song that has going through my head this morning.

Praise the Lord!
His mercy is more.
Stronger than darkness
New every morn
Our sins they are many
His mercy is more.

The picture is from my morning walk. As I’ve blogged before, I’m battling planters fasciitis. I was starting to walk regularly, and then I tried a test run, which was a mistake. Finally today, things were feeling back to normal. It went well.

The picture reminds us that God’s mercies are new every morning. That song was in my head almost my whole walk and continues to be in my head.

You may notice that this came out on Monday. Last night I decided that I didn’t want to write, so this morning I needed to write something and so we will just call it Monday Thoughts.

I’ve actually been entertaining the thought of bringing Worshiping in Spirit and Truth to a close. This is not a new thought. It’s been in the process for about a year now. Back when I started in 2006, social media was almost non-existent. Even when Twitter and Facebook came into view it was much easier to connect WordPress to those platforms, but that has become increasingly difficult. I do have a Worshipping in Spirit and Truth Facebook page – only for the purpose of linking these articles. I thought that maybe I would bring it to a close when the current lectionary year ends. So this would be around until November. I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Last week was a good week. We recovered from the busy weekend of the movie night and are now in getting ready for Vacation Bible School mode. It’s hard to believe it’s just two weeks away. It’s going to take a little more work because we will have to set up and tear down stuff each night because we are going to be outside.

On Tuesday night, we were able to do a Zoom call with some pastor friends of ours back in Eldred. It was good to make that connection again. If you are the praying type, I would encourage you to pray for pastors – of all churches – as they continue to navigate this crazy thing called COVID-19.

This past week we also got a break from the crazy heat and humidity. The Farmers Market was really nice this week – almost a little chilly at first – as was my walk at first this morning as well. Let’s hope August is cooler than July.

We had a good worship service yesterday, but our numbers were down because many people were at campmeeting. All in all though the Spirit came and met with us and there was a good response to the message. In addition we received communion together. The rest of the day, my body just didn’t want to cooperate and hence that is why I’m writing this morning.

Let me encourage you to seize the day!

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