Sunday Night Thoughts

It is Sunday evening, so that means it must be time for Sunday Night Thoughts. This is the longest running and most consistent weekly post in my blog, except maybe for the lectionary devotionals. You may notice that over the last few weeks, I have gone back to a writing post instead of the video posts. It seems like I go back and forth on that. One of the things I want to do is improve my writing, so I decided for the moment to go back to written posts. For most of its existence this post has had a static header. If I’m not mistaken, we had three different headers for the Sunday Night Thoughts post. For the moment, I’ve decided to make it a dynamic header – taken sometime during the Sunday in which it is written. For now I might just stick with taking pictures off the front porch of the parsonage. The sun in this picture is just below the trees behind the church.

  • One word for the weather – hot. We did have some thunderstorms roll through after we went to bed last night and a cold front went through and it did make a difference today. It was not nearly as humid nor as hot today. Despite the fact that it was only about 7 degrees cooler – it was much nicer feeling out there. We have been getting enough rain to keep the grass growing and it is growing like crazy. I need to give it a trim tomorrow.
  • We had a good time at the Farmer’s Market yesterday, despite the heat. I have a feeling that the heat affected the number of people showing up, because the crowd seemed thinner yesterday. By the end of the morning, you could literally feel the air sticking to your skin. Yuck! We put away the stuff and I immediately took a shower.
  • I did get out for a walk several mornings – walking 4 miles each morning. Even before sunrise the temps were over 70 and some days that made for a tough walk.
  • This week we did some preparation for our Movie Under the Stars. We are showing Jonah: a VeggieTales Movie on Friday night. I needed to check out our projectors that the church had to make sure we had everything to make it work. Friday evening, we did a test run in the sanctuary – with the new inflatable screen. It should be great out in the field. We also purchased a popcorn machine and will be giving out free popcorn on Friday night as well as free water. We are doing this to get visibility in our community and share the love of Jesus.
  • I’m also excited about an opportunity we have to serve the middle school which is on the next block. Our church is also collecting school supplies that we will be giving to the school at the beginning of the school year.
  • I was really hoping that we had seen the last of COVID-19, but it appears that it is back on the rebound. I’m really hoping it doesn’t affect future events.
  • I am also looking forward to our Vacation Bible School. We are doing the Go Fish Guys Backstage with the Bible. It is a program we have done before and I believe really ministers to the children.
  • We did have a wonderful service this morning. I could sense the Holy Spirit from the opening moments of the service. I always love when someone asks to be anointed and someone asked again this morning. I could sense God’s power as I preached about ministry service and we finished the service with a video called Undefiled Worship by Elizabeth Rhyno. The video is no longer available on YouTube but it is powerful.

That about wraps it up for this week. Have a great week. Carpe Diem!

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