Sunday Night Thoughts

It is that time again – it is Sunday evening, so it must be time for Sunday Thoughts. To say that the last week has been warm would be an understatement. We are certainly in the Dog Days of Summer – and its only mid-July. It’s been a good week since I last wrote.

I was able to get out for a couple of walks earlier in the week. I went to the podiatrist on Thursday and got a shot in my foot for the planter’s fasciitis. Overall my foot is feeling pretty good. Tomorrow morning I’m going to try to get a walk in and try to be consistent this week.

As I type my Sunday Lectionary devotional video is uploading. For some reason it is taking a long time today. Not exactly sure why. I am shooting it on my phone. I think its because it is a high resolution video, so that is why it is taking some time.

This past weekend, we heading up to my mom and dads for a Friday and Saturday. We had a great time together. It was the first time that we had been together since last August. On the way home, we had traffic, the likes I have not seen much of. From just north of Chester, PA till we got to Milford, DE, the traffic was start and stop. North of Chester there was an accident on I-476, but most of the rest of the slowdowns appeared simply to be too much traffic volume. I was never was never so happy to see two lane road in all my life.

I am excited about several of the events that are coming up at The Journey. We had some great volunteers yesterday fill in for us while we were in PA. We are getting ready for a Movie Under the Stars two Fridays from now. We are showing the Veggietale Jonah movie. We have purchased an inflatable screen and a popcorn machine. It should great and we can use those items for other events – like our Trunk or Treat. We are also getting ready for Vacation Bible School is just a little over a month away and we are looking forward to this event. We will be outside under a tent.

We had a good worship service this morning. I preached on the topic of fellowship. The Spirit was sweet as we worshiped. We have a great musical worship team that helps usher us into the presence of God. It’s easy to preach after that.

It looks like another hot week is on the way and this week, I wait for some of my packages to arrive…so that wraps it up. Carpe Diem!

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