Sunday Thoughts

Welcome to Sunday Night Thoughts for July 4, 2021. It is Independence Day – the day that the colonies declared their independence from England on July 4, 1776. It has been 245 years since that declaration was made. Tonight many will gather in communities all across the nation and watch fireworks displays. There was an unfortunate event in our region. This morning many of the fireworks designated for the Ocean City, MD display were accidentally detonated. That means Ocean City’s display will not happen tonight. Fortunately there was only one minor injury.

It’s been a good week here – although we are now experiencing the heart of the summer traffic. It seems we try to avoid the traffic, but that isn’t easy to say the least.

We did have some thunderstorms roll through over the week. The scariest was on Thursday evening. North of us there was a tornado between Harrington and Slaughter Beach which brought it very close to the town of Milford where James works. As far as I know the tornado was north of the town. James did a great job getting people to safety while at work.

Last night we got a few more thunderstorms and headed north to listen to the strains of the 287th Delaware Army Band. Because of the weather, they had to move indoors and did a series of small ensembles. They did a great job. I especially enjoyed the tuba player who was laying down the bass licks like a bass player. The closing was emotional as we stood and sang God Bless America along with the army band and many veterans. It was very moving. We followed it up with some Dairy Queen.

Yesterday, we set up again for the Millsboro Farmers Market. It was great making relationships once again. We did sell a good amount of hot dogs and scrapple sandwiches. While there we learned of some great opportunities that are available to us and I am excited about that. Each week we are meeting people and learning how to do what we are doing more efficiently. This past week, I received business cards and we got some pens. Our next big event is our Movie Under the Stars. We are going to set up in the big lawn next to the church and show the Veggietales Jonah movie. Really looking forward to that.

This week we go back to the podiatrist and maybe I can get back to running. So that wraps it up! Seize the Day!

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