Sunday Night Thoughts

The last 72-96 hours have been a whirlwind – don’t worry – it’s not a bad thing, but I have moved from one thing to the next. At the moment, I finished up putting away mics and instruments on the platform. It makes it much easier for our volunteer cleaning crew. I also put away the music from this morning and now sitting just off the sanctuary listening to Matt Redman. This morning during worship I mentioned his song The Heart of Worship. So I thought it would be cool to listen to some of his music. I heard a version of Better Is One Day that I have never heard before. It was much different. We did get a bit of a break in the weather until Friday, when the hot and humid returned.

It’s been a fun week. On Wednesday evening, I put out signs to sell the church van and by noon on Thursday it was sold. It was an answer to prayer. We sold a 1991 International bus and now the van, so that we could upgrade to a much more practical vehicle for ministry. That kept me busy, because I discovered the wipers needed to be replaced and that was a little more difficult to change out than I expected.

On Thursday, I thought I would help the grass cutting crew by mowing the grass. We have a nice lawn tractor – so it was fun to cut the grass. I enjoy helping where possible. This week we also got our network at church working better, so little by little. (By the way, as I type I have a fly annoying me :))

Yesterday, the church set up a booth at the Millsboro Farmers Market and we advertised our Vacation Bible School which is coming up in August. I’m also planning toward a family movie night in late July out on the lawn. I’m hoping we can make that a regular deal. We are looking forward to developing relationships with our community and sharing the good news of Jesus with them. I had a nice talk with the mayor on Saturday. It is good to be getting to know the people around here. This next week our booth is going to add hot dogs and chips to sell and give away bottled water.

I continue to be grounded on the running front, but I did go to the podiatrist and he fixed me up. I have new orthotics and I’ve been on a steroid pack to calm the angriness in foot. I have been out walking, but Friday I tore up the back of my heel ( I ended up with a blister) so I haven’t been out for a walk the last two days.

Tomorrow is District Conference. This will be our first time ever at the Chesapeake District conference, but we know several people on this district. Since we’ve not been part of this district, I don’t know quite what to expect.

Today we had a good worship service – my kids ordered at Texas Roadhouse yesterday for our Father’s Day dinner. We honored the men in our church and I led the worship and preached on the importance of corporate worship and what worship is. We had a great spirit in service this morning. It took almost 45 minutes for everyone to clear out of the sanctuary – I think that shows how much The Journey enjoys being together.

This afternoon, we have been relaxing and now I’ll sign off. See you next week for Sunday Night Thoughts. Seize the Day!

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