Sunday Night Thoughts

Welcome to Sunday Night Thoughts for June 13, 2021. It’s been a good week and as we finished up the week, it was nice to get some relief from the crazy hot and humid weather we had earlier in the week. My run on Monday was brutal. I don’t know how the rest of the week would have gone, but more on that in a moment.

This past week, we put the final touches on selling a bus that our church owned. We are still trying to sell a van as well, so that we can upgrade our church vehicles. Last Sunday night, after I wrote Sunday Night Thoughts, I met with the church buying the bus and finished the transaction. Yesterday they texted me to tell me they had picked up the bus. The spot where the bus was sitting now looks a little barren.

On Friday one of the men from the church showed up to mow the grass. When someone shows up, I do the trimming and move the vehicles so that they don’t have to get off the tractor to move them and also they don’t have to cut as close for everything – so it makes their job easier. While we were working on the grass it started raining, that made things a little interesting. The grass stuck to everything. After I got all the trimming done, I took the blower to clean off the sidewalks, but everything was still a little wet. Yesterday I completed the job – and the place looks great. We got some help from the neighbors – one on Friday – he took his big zero turn mower to our field and after the bus was moved yesterday, another neighbor mowed where that was sitting.

We were able to mow the grass, because we have been getting some rain and that is nice. It was getting so dry. Our mandavilla plants at the front of the church were needing a watering every day.

So getting back to Monday, after my run, we went grocery shopping and by the time I got home could barely walk. It turns out I have a case of planters fasciitis – ugg! I’ve already documented it on my running update post.

Speaking of posting, I’ve tried to get back to somewhat of a regular schedule. During the transition, I really fell off the wagon. I’ve also tried to go back to writing more instead of doing so much video blogging.

Today was a great day – it was long – but a great day. I got a special surprise for worship in that my Aunt Velma showed up for worship. I haven’t seen her in a few years. It was good to get to see her after several years. One of my cousins spouses brought her for worship. We had a good worship service this morning.

Following worship, we went to a birthday party our littlest attender. She turned three this week. We went to the Millsboro Pizza Palace and it’s a great local place to eat. Once that was over, we came home and relaxed. It seems like the afternoon has dragged on.

So that about wraps up the week. Blessings…

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