Sunday Night Thoughts

Here we are on a Sunday night. We have about an hour till it gets dark. It has been an amazing day – especially considering it was a hectic week. I am enjoying relaxing and not having to think about what I need to get done – and other deadlines.

This past week, I spent the week getting our taxes done. That’s never a job that I look forward to. But it is done for another year. I was also preparing for our local church conference. The first one I’ve officiated in two years. One of the cool things is that I was able to get in all my running this week, although it appears today I broke my run/walk streak again for the second time this week. Tomorrow I will get started again.

Yesterday we decided to get out of the house for a while and traveled down to Salisbury, MD. That was fun. We needed to pick up some stuff for decorating for Pentecost Sunday, which is coming up this coming Sunday. I am looking forward to that celebration. We also looked for several markers on the Trans-peninsular Line. This is the line that divides Maryland and Delaware. We even made it to the SW corner of Delaware. It is easily accessible by road and is not a tourist trap.

Today was a great day. We had a great Zoom call prayer meeting with Wesleyan pastors. Then it was time for worship. During the worship service, Pam and I were officially installed as pastors of The Journey. I preached a State of the Church address – along with lots of visuals. One of the interesting things was that I was able to control the presentation software remotely with my tablet. It is cool not to have to rely on the tech person, even though he does a great job, but this was a fairly dynamic presentation so I wanted to control when the slides changed. My message was well received and then it was time for our Local Church Conference. That went very well and afterward we went out for lunch. For the first time since November, Pam and I went out to eat in a restaurant. It was a different experience for sure.

This week, on Friday, Delaware will be relaxing many of the COVID-19 restrictions. Restrictions limiting capacity will be eliminated but you will still need to maintain a distance of 3 feet. Also in most outdoor masking restrictions will be lifted and if you are vaccinated you will be able to remove your mask indoors. I am pleased that many in our congregation have been vaccinated. Sussex County has over half of 18+ fully vaccinated. So a move toward normal is beginning to seem possible.

That about wraps it up for the week. See you next week following Pentecost Sunday!

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