Running Update – May 15

It’s Saturday, so it must be time for a running update. Considering that I failed to plan for the week and the busy week that I had – I did very well in my running game. Part of that is because I get up most days as dawn is breaking and have my run in before most people have had breakfast. I did three 5 milers back to back on Monday through Wednesday. I didn’t do any workout on Thursday – it was a crazy day and I was getting fasting blood work done, so running without replenishing fluid would have been a bad idea and then the rest of the day was busy. I ended up breaking a 17 day run/walk streak. So I ended up running back to back yesterday and today. The week finished with 24 miles running. One of my highest running mileage totals for a week in a long time. I also had four miles walking on Sunday. So not a bad week all in all. I had some good runs and then there was today – my legs did not want to cooperate at all.

For the month I have 65 miles. I am ahead of every year since 2015 and I’m working on taking that down. 2012-2014 are the only years that I am behind on, but I was in tip top running shape then. So it will hard to beat those years (at least this year.) I should be able to come close to last May’s 135 miles. So I continue to Press On!

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