Running Update | May 8, 2021

I haven’t done one of these in forever, ,but thought it was time to get back on the horse and start logging this again.

Since I last posted one of these, I’ve slowed down quite a bit – a far cry from the Richmond Marathon when I ran 26.2 miles in 4 hours and 20 minutes. These days I’m happy if I can be in the 11 minute mile pace. It’s been a good week of running and walking and I currently have a 13 day run/walk streak going. My rules are I have to run/walk at least a mile. Since last Saturday I have run walked 30 miles and it could have been more but we had some rain on Wednesday and a very busy day yesterday.

Today I ran my longest run in a long time – 6.5 miles and at a very reasonable 12:12 pace. It was my fastest pace of the month. Currently I have 36.39 miles logged for May and have already beaten cumulative totals for this point in the year for several past years.

Since I never wrote an end of year post, my goal for this year is 2,021 km running/walking. In order to hit this goal I need 4 miles a day every day until the end of the year. Obviously days like today help because I was 2.5 miles over that. So that goal is still very possible. I need to keep my eye on the goal – keep my eye on the prize as it were. I have always loved the spiritual analogies to running.

That about wraps it up. Pressing On!

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