Sunday Night Thoughts

So here we are on the first Sunday Night Thoughts of 2021. I saw a picture this morning on Facebook that said, one year ago today, we were worried about the Australian wildfires, and most of us hadn’t even heard of COVID-19. 2020 will go down as a very unique year in history. We wrapped up the year on a very low key note. Last week we did some packing. One of the things that we did was put some family and ministry collages together. We have a collage for each place that we have lived and then there is also a ministry collage for each place of ministry since we lived in Flint, MI.

We were missing a family collage for Staunton. We needed to make one for our one year ministry in Waynesboro, and both a family and ministry collage for Eldred. Those are now all done. We have to pick up the last of the pictures tomorrow and put them in a frame.

Our house is really starting to look different as we continue our preparations for a move. It’s hard to believe that we are just 14 days away. Most of the non-essential things are packed and we are doing some downsizing.

The weather around here as been crazy. We’ve had snow and rain and freezing rain. That happened Friday night into Saturday morning. Everything was like a skating rink yesterday morning. We were supposed to get more this morning, but fortunately that didn’t materialize. We did get some mixed precip and it even snowed this afternoon. Because of that threat of bad weather, we had a smaller crowd than our usual small crowd of late.

This week, some of us return back to work after Christmas. It remains to be seen whether I will go back to my regular route before we move to Delaware. It all depends on whether another school district goes back to in-person learning.

I was able to ring in the new year with Anna and James. It was pretty anti-climatic. I don’t even think I heard guns or fireworks from our neighbors as usual. So it was an unusual ending in a year that was – I hesitate to say it – unprecedented.

That’s about all I have for tonight. Have a great week! Seize the day!

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