Sunday Night Thoughts

Welcome to the last Sunday Night Thoughts of 2020. It’s hard to believe, but the end of 2020 is less than a week away. Pam and I have traditionally put out several end-of-year lists. We are still planning on doing that. You should see those posts mid-week.

At the moment, I am relaxing on the couch on what is a warmer day than we have had. Friday and Saturday were cold with lake effect snow flurries for almost two days. We ended up getting about 2 inches out of the who thing. Like I said I am relaxing on the couch. Anna is with me and we are watching, “The Long, Long Trailer.” It’s a feature film with Desi Arnez and Lucille Ball. By the way Lucille Ball grew up in nearby Jamestown, NY. It is a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

This past week we had several special services. On Monday evening, we had our annual Blue Christmas service. We had never done a Blue Christmas service before we arrived at McCrae Brook. I was pleased to learn that The Journey has already done it for several years. It is subdued service – but it is a service of hope and comfort, especially for those who have experienced loss during the past year. It is also a nice pause in what is normally a busy time of year.

We also had our annual Christmas Eve service, but this year we called it Christmas Eve @ Home from Home. Our family led the service from our living room and we streamed it to Facebook. I had several positive responses from those who watched. It was a unique Christmas Eve. Which follows along with what has been a most unique year.

This week it is back to packing. We have three weeks to finish packing, but since school is closed this week and the following week our route will still not be going to school, we will have plenty of time to pack.

We had a good service this morning at McCrae Brook. Minimal shoveling was required from that about an inch of snow. I salted after I shoveled and by church time the sidewalks were in good shape. That’s about it for this week. Have a great week!

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