Sunday Night Thoughts

I thought I would start of with this cool video – the Holiday Drone Light Show.

I think that was pretty cool. I missed the live broadcast last night, but watched it tonight after I had seen several people post about it on Facebook.

Yesterday, after a week off, I got out for a run. It was a four-miler, which is pretty short for me, but it was nice to get out. The weather here is getting colder and snowy, so without being able to go to the gym it is getting more difficult. The good thing is that December 2020 has more mileage than December 2017, which was none. I could beat December 2016 which only had 23. The last couple of years, Pam and I were working out at the Y, so it will be tough to beat those. We had a little snow drizzle when I started. But after about two miles I was warmed up and the snow didn’t bother me much.

I was able to get in a substitute van run in this week. Most of my van runs have been canceled because of school going remote. But it has given me lots of time. This past week I had even more time because Pam preached this morning.

If you haven’t noticed we are doing a photo challenge for Advent. One from Busted Halo and the other that was put together by a Wesleyan pastor. You can check out the hashtags #bhadvent20, #instaAdvent, #thewearyworldrejoices, #advent, #adventplaylist. I have also been doing devotionals via Facebook live each morning.

The rest of this week was spent packing. As of today we have 42 days until we move to Millsboro, DE. Our District Superintendent was here this morning for worship. It was the first time that he had heard Pam preach. One of the interesting things was that he was here when we came to interview. So not only did I have the pressure of preaching to a new congregation, but also to a new DS. We have appreciated our DS and his wife. The Western New York District of the Wesleyan Church is a great district and we are sad to have to leave some great friends. Most of what is not needed is already packed. Plus we are trying to downsize at the same time. I did another round of that this evening after we had talked to the grandkids.

Well that about wraps it up for the week. Carpe Diem! (Seize the Day!)

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