Sunday Night Thoughts

After a little bit of a late winter burst, today felt like mid-spring. Yesterday I was outside and I saw our daffodils poking their heads out of the soil. We still have some snow on the ground, but most of that is in piles or in the shade. The snow that is in the shade is from Thursday and Friday. Before that almost all the snow was gone. But it looks like spring is on its way.

It’s been a wild week – one in which I managed to injure myself. On Tuesday we gathered for our first Community Lenten Luncheon of the season. I was setting up sound and managed somehow to get conked on the head with a speaker. How I didn’t end up with a concussion in a miracle. Wednesday we were driving kids to school, when we hit a patch of black ice. How I ended up not touching a guard rail on the way up the mountain, I don’t know. The “mountain” has a new nickname – “The Beast.” Whatever the weather might be, the weather up on The Beast is different and usually worse. I have had my share of driving in snow going over the Beast.

Yesterday, I was putting up a cross in front of the church and was draping a purple cloth. I was just about done when I lost my footing and ended up banging my knees on the concrete.

Although – not everything went bad this week. We got a new refrigerator this week. There was free delivery, so I didn’t have to worry about moving that. However, the old refrigerator needed to go to the basement. James and I successfully moved it down the stairs with minor issues. We did have James home for the week on Spring Break and it was nice to have him home.

As I mentioned above, the community churches gathered together for the first of our community lunches during Lent. Pam did a great job presenting the devotional. The people sang great. We also gathered as community pastors for prayer and our monthly meeting. We’ve coined a phrase “Eight Buildings – One Church.” I love my brothers and sisters in Christ and co-laborers in building the Kingdom. We also had our community choir rehearsal this afternoon.

We continue to have Kid’s Club and we have a steady group of students. This week, one of the kid’s said to her friends, “That’s my pastor!” about Pam. So cool.

So it’s Daylight Saving Time and it just now got dark. Although that means it will be dark in the morning again.

This morning we gathered for worship. God met with us in a special way. I love when the Holy Spirit moves like that. I preached on the greatness of God.

Well, it is time to relax for the rest of the evening. Have a great week.

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