Sunday Night Thoughts

March rolled in like a lamb. While the last couple of days of February were about as winter as we have had – and we started cold this morning – it quickly warmed to a beautiful spring-like day. The nicest day we have had since Groundhog Day. The temps climbed into the low 40’s and we had bright sunshine, which melted most of the snow that fell since Wednesday. We continue to have a muddy driveway between the house and the church and have rain in the forecast – so it will be interesting. But the good news is that the long-term forecast looks to trend on the warmer side and tomorrow should be warm enough that I can get out for an outdoor run!

Speaking of running, February was a tough month. I am looking for a much better month in March. I had less than 40 miles. YUK! I mentioned that we had a wild couple of days at the end of February – lots of yukky weather, which made it tough to get to the gym between bus runs. The nice thing about nicer weather, is that I can sneak in a run outside, just by running from the house.

This afternoon, we had the first of our community choir rehearsals. We are working on a program called Is He Worthy? The program’s title comes from Andrew Peterson’s song of the same title. We have a great group of community singers – they are good singers and good sight-readers. I am looking forward to presenting this program on Palm Sunday evening.

We had a good worship service this morning. Once again I had to shovel snow and apply salt to get the sidewalks in good shape. Hopefully that was the last time of the season. We have started a series on worship and I had the opportunity to lead our congregation in musical worship as well.

Speaking of leading in worship and Lent, we had a beautiful worship service on Ash Wednesday. The service we used was based on the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. It was moving and powerful, especially as we recited Psalm 51 together.

I think that about wraps up the week. Have a great one and Seize the Day!

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