Sunday Thoughts

Birthdays, Football, Groundhogs…Oh my!

As I write tonight, we are watching the Super Bowl. I really don’t have a dog in this fight, but if you pressed me, I’m cheering for the Chiefs. Even though I’ve never lived anywhere near Kansas City, I have quite a few acquaintances from area who are all cheering for the hometown team. Plus it’s been 50 years since the Chiefs have won their last Super Bowl.

Today was Groundhog Day. Good old Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, which legend has it means spring will arrive early. So far we have not had much of a winter, but we got quite the snow shower this morning right before Sunday School and church. I did quite a bit of shoveling before both Sunday School and church. At the moment the temp is a balmy 34 – which is warm for this time of the year at this time of day.

This week, has been a week of celebrating a birth, and three birthdays. All three of our grandbabies had birthdays this past week, and so does our son. We even had the chance to be with our grand kids on Friday and Saturday. It was so fun.

Today in worship we celebrated the Presentation of Jesus, which is when Jesus was presented in the Temple by his parents and was met by Simeon and Anna. We had a good service despite the snow – which did knock our numbers down a little.

This week we have several meetings – a prayer meeting with our community pastors, as well as a business meeting with the same pastors. Things start ramping up this month. We are looking forward.

In January I was able to run 65 miles. My best January since 2015. I’m hoping for another good month in February with at least 70 miles. If all goes well, I plan on running one if not two half-marathons this fall.

That about wraps it up. Have a great week!

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