Sunday Night Thoughts

Hard to believe we are halfway through January. So far winter has been kind to us. The last couple of days have been hard to figure out. The forecast for yesterday was snow, so we decided to stay put – which once the snow started was a good decision. I shoveled the sidewalks several times and then finally this morning, salted them. It was nice not to have to be out in the snow. Right now it’s 22 degrees and tonight and tomorrow the lows are to be in the single digits. But a warming trend is on the way for later in the week.

Currently I am working on selecting a musical for Palm Sunday. I will be directing a community choir for Palm Sunday. This has been one of the highlights of the last couple of years.

The rest of the month is slow in relative terms and it is nice for the break, especially as we await the arrival of our third grandchild. This past week we were supposed to go to Buffalo for a district meeting but the weather was a bit crazy, so Pam and I decided to stay home and I think that was a good decision.

This morning was busy as I had to get the sidewalks clear. We had a small but good crowd this morning – the weather played a factor in attendance, as we are still getting lake effect snow. We may see a winter that Lake Erie doesn’t freeze over. We were hoping at sometime to go see Niagara Falls froze over, but we haven’t had that kind of cold.

It may have been winter dreary this morning, but we had a good service. God was evident as we sang and as I preached. This afternoon we have been relaxing and watching championship football. Since all my teams are out, I haven’t chosen who I’d like to see yet.

That about wraps it up. See you next week!

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