Sunday Night Thoughts

What a crazy week…at least in the weather department. We started the week with no snow on the ground. Wednesday came and we had lake effect most of the day. It was a miserable day to be a professional driver. I battled the snow on each one of my four trips. Because of the lousy weather, our Kid’s Club did not kick off this past week. We hope to kick off this Wednesday evening at a new time. We did have a warm up, but on Friday morning – it was snow, sleet, freezing rain, ice – what a mess. The local school district had a two-hours delay and we didn’t have to leave as early. By yesterday, the snow was disappearing and by this morning it was all gone. Like I said a pretty crazy week weather-wise.

On Monday, we met as local pastors for a prayer meeting. God met with us in a special way. He is moving in our community and we pray that the Holy Spirit continues to move. On Wednesday, we had our monthly business meeting for our clergy association. It is so cool to see pastors, of several different denominations work together to build the Kingdom of God. Following the meeting, we had almost white out conditions – like I said crazy.

Yesterday, we decided to enjoy the day, so we headed off to Jamestown to the Lucy/Desi Museum. After touring the museum, we visited the cemetery where she is buried and several other local landmarks dedicated to Lucille Ball’s memory. After that we went to Olive Garden. After all, if you’re there you’re family. It was a fun day off.

This morning we woke up to no internet, no phone, no cable, but fortunately heat and electricity. As we prepared for worship, I listened to some music on my computer that I had downloaded.

There was a wonderful Spirit of God in our worship service this morning. We had a Wesleyan Covenant Renewal Service. Pam taught a short devotional. Even though the service was more formal than our usual services – with responsive readings and prayers – it was well received. It was a reminder that confession is a regular part of the believer’s life – as is God’s grace.

This week, Pam and I are looking forward to heading to the Buffalo Southtowns for our Leadership Development Meeting. This is always a highlight of the month. We have board meeting Tuesday, Kid’s Club Wednesday, and prayer meeting on Thursday. I am really looking forward to what God has in store this week!

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