Sunday Night Thoughts

As I write tonight, we are watching the Eagles and Cowboys duke it out for first place in the NFC East. I know it’s been a brutal season for both teams. It’s been tough to watch the Eagles lose to teams they should have beat. Football is a welcome diversion tonight.

It has been an extremely busy week – and we had snow during our bus runs this week, so it was an especially trying week.

There were a couple of good things this week.:

  • This week we went to see the newest Star Wars movie. Anna picked the date over a month ago. Our theatre has upgraded so we had reclining seats which made for a great movie theatre experience. Pam, Anna and myself really enjoyed the movie. I won’t say anymore, because I don’t want to spoil anything.
  • Last night, we had our annual Blue Christmas service. Before we moved to Eldred, we had never done a service like this, but it is a service that is moving, comforting, and offers hope at a very busy time of the year. Considering how busy our week was…it was nice to hit the pause button…the Blue Christmas service was that pause button.

There was a wonderful Spirit of worship as we gathered this morning. I preached on the unbelievable present. Jesus is the most unbelievable present we could ever receive. I soon as I finish this post, vacation begins…so with that…I’m out. Have a great week.

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