Sunday Night Thoughts

We have had some crazy weather this week. Today we had on and off snow showers. Yesterday started with rain, changed to snow. Last night I shoveled about 3/4 inch of slushy snow. This morning what was left of the shoveled slush was frozen – but not very thick – I shoveled the snow again – really not much and then salted. By church time, everything was good.

Yesterday, Pam and I and Anna did some shopping. We got gifts for some of our students. In the process, we also purchased gifts for a local family that we are helping. We had a great time. We were supposed to have an open house, but the snow mid-day put the kibosh on that.

This week was a fairly calm week, which was nice. This week, we are planning for our Blue Christmas service on Saturday. Looks like some snow may be falling this week, so that will be fun.

We had a wonderful Spirit-filled and Spirit-led service this morning. During Advent, I have been leading the musical worship. Pam has assisted me in leading the spoken parts of worship. I also preached this morning and was thankful for the way God spoke through me.

This afternoon our church and another church in the area combined to lead a service at a local nursing home. We had a great time and it was inspiring to hear the people sing. It was nice because I didn’t have to worry about the devotional. The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing. That’s about all I’ve got. Have a great week!

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