Sunday Night Thoughts

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas – as I write Pam is watching this Christmas classic with Bing Crosby. It is beginning to look a little more like Christmas. We have our Christmas tree up, but I still need to get the lights on so Pam and Anna can decorate. We are also in the process of baking Christmas cookies and trying to keep it all straight.

This past week was Christmas dinner week. On Friday night we had dinner with the community pastors (more on that in a moment) and then dinner last night with our church board. Both dinners were very good.

This week we met as community pastors 3 times – for our monthly prayer meeting on Monday, our regular organizational meeting on Wednesday and dinner on Friday. We have a wonderful group of community pastors. The thought that comes up when I think of our pastors is “how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sister dwell together in unity.” Not only are we unified, but our purpose is to build the Kingdom of God. That was the focus of our prayer gathering on Monday. That, and that the Holy Spirit would dwell in us and revival would come to our school district.

Other than that the week was pretty routine. Lots of bus drives and some through the snow. I am so excited about what God is doing. The Holy Spirit was evident in this morning’s service. He helped me preach this morning as we looked at the Unwanted Present. People don’t reject Jesus because of Jesus, but sometimes they reject Jesus because of us. I could tell people were listening to how the Spirit was working. We continue to pray for revival in Otto-Eldred School District.

That about wraps it up. Have a great week.

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