Sunday Night Thoughts

It’s the first Sunday night – on the first day of December. What an interesting day today has turned out to be. More on that in a moment.

This week was Thanksgiving. Last Sunday night we had a wonderful time with our community. Each year the community ministerial association hosts a Thanksgiving Service. For the last three years I have been honored to lead the musical worship, which also means directing a community choir. It was a long day in addition to our regular service on Sunday, but it was beautiful.

Pam and I had our regular bus runs Monday through Wednesday, but with holiday influenced changes. On Tuesday, we headed up to Houghton to pick up James for the Thanksgiving weekend. We had a great time with James at home for a couple of days. He was under the weather, just getting over a cold.

Our church collected Thanksgiving dinners for two families in our community. It was so cool to see the looks on their faces when we told them that we were bringing them food. This is what it means – in part – to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

For our Thanksgiving dinner, we tried to do something different and were mostly successful at it. Instead of turkey, we had a local Western New York favorite, Beef-on-Weck. That was purchased locally and all we had to do was put it in the crockpot to warm it. The rest of the dinner was semi-home made or homemade. We had Pennsylvania Dutch Potato Filling. It’s Pam’s dad’s recipe with some modifications I have mad over the years, but remains very true to the original recipe. This was made from scratch except for the bread. We also had some bread stuffing that we made from scratch with some pumpernickel bread we had left over. That was really good. Anna helped spice the bread. She also made cranberry sauce that was very good. I finished it off tonight on top of vanilla ice cream. We also did a sweet potato casserole. To finish it off we did a string casserole made with our own mushroom soup – Anna did a great job with that. Pam also made a great apple pie.

Friday and Saturday we used to rest. It’s been a long time since we could do that. We did go out shopping for some things we needed.

On Friday, we became aware of a storm that was targeted at this morning. We got up this morning and had some ice on the car, but the roads were good. Just about the time people would start coming to church for Sunday School it got strange – sleet, snow, rain mixed together – I had everything salted before all that started. A few brave souls made it for Sunday School, but we had no Sunday School teacher. Since we were ready for worship, and it really seemed like no one else would be there, we had worship early. I led the musical worship and the other parts of the worship and Pam preached. She did a great job leading off on our new series called Unpleasant Presents. I’ll put a link to the video below.

Tomorrow in the spirit of Pennsylvania, we still have a day off. Anna goes back tomorrow. At noon we have a prayer meeting with our local pastors. I am looking forward to that. Otherwise things should get back to normal on Tuesday. Have a great week.

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