Running Update

Today is the halfway point of the month and I am at 43 miles. Not the greatest effort, but compared to the last couple of months, I’m happy with my progress. This was one of my better running weeks of late, although all my runs were inside, but at least they were on an indoor track and not the treadmill.

When we got to the Y today, I really wasn’t in the mood to run, but I did anyway and was determined to do six miles once I started. It wasn’t the fastest run, but it was a run and when I was done I felt good about it.

In running circles, we say that you never regret the runs you went out on, but you will almost always regret the runs you didn’t do.

Hopefully I can finish near the 80 mile mark for the month. I’d like to be a little higher, but it’s tough without getting 4 mile walks in on the off days. However I am reminded of Paul’s words about living this Christian life, which is much like the discipline of running.

26 So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing. 27 I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. Otherwise, I fear that after preaching to others I myself might be disqualified.

1 Corinthians 9:26-27 | New Living Translation (NLT)

Press ON! Run with Purpose

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