Sunday Night Thoughts

The first Sunday of November is almost history. It’s so dark out there thanks to the end of Daylight Savings Time. While I’m not going to enjoy the early nights, but it will be nice that it is light in the morning for our van run.

Now Playing: Occasionally I get the place to myself and this is one of those rare moments. When I get that chance I put on some music. Last week I came across the band Citizen and am listening to their EP Waiting Up to Never Die.

It has been a crazy week, but very fulfilling. On Wednesday we had our first ever Fall Festival. It was sort of like Kid’s Klub and Trunk or Treat combined. We had a great time with 14 kids showing up. I think we would have had more, but the local school was having a fall festival at the exact same time. With children and adults we had 35 people. It was awesome.

Last night we had our annual Harvest Dinner, because of space we had to move it offsite. 30 people showed up to that. We used the facility of St. Raphael’s and after his Saturday mass, the priest came over and joined us. It was very cool. Between both events we ministered to 47 different people. How cool is that? Pam and I are thankful for God’s favor and his grace.

Other than that I spent many hours driving school van and preparing for the various events. I was able to get in about 14 miles running this week also completing my first sub-freezing run yesterday.

That’s all folks – have a great week.

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