Sunday Night Thoughts

I sit writing this on a Monday morning. It’s not unprecedented. We have just come out of the two busiest weeks that I can ever remember. Last night my brain practically shut down. Watching the Eagles/Cowboys game didn’t do anything for me. Despite it being busy, it has been a good two week stretch.

Last week I didn’t write a Sunday Night Thoughts because we were with our oldest and her family for Canadian Thanksgiving. Please keep our neighbors to the north in your prayers today. It is their national election. We had a great time with the family. One of the highlights was getting Beavertails on Monday – what we Americans know as fried dough – but there’s something about street food.

Over on Facebook, you will be seeing that I have been taking pictures. Friends of ours gave us a “new to us” camera and we have enjoyed learning how to use it. I had a Minolta camera as a young person and enjoyed that. Digital photography is different, but more forgiving in ways.

The weekend was kind of crazy. Our son was home from college for a few days. Saturday we went to the Corning Museum of Glass. It was a fun few hours away from the craziness.

In the evening, we began our preparations to host Katy Kinard. She is a singer/songwriter from Nashville. Check out Be Loud Agency for more info. Katy led us in worship and presented some of her own songs as well. She is down to earth and a wonderful artist to work with.

Following worship we went out to Sprague’s Maple Farms for lunch. It is always good and I ended up bringing food home – which is rare. Then I took James back to Houghton. We will see him again at Thanksgiving.

That would be a busy day in and of itself but we also had ordination. Fortunately for us, instead of it being in Buffalo, it was right here in Olean. It was a wonderful service of ordination.

So this week should be a bit of a down week and a chance to catch up. Have a great week.

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