Sunday Night Thoughts

So here we are on the last Sunday of September. Last week was the last Sunday of Summer. Fall is in full swing – and we have some warm days and some not so warm days – nothing I would consider cold yet. We have yet to have our first sub-40 low. By the look of the 10 day forecast, the first one will be this coming week. I am hoping to get the grass cut tomorrow. It might be the last or next to last time we cut grass for the season. From our back window the leaves are still mainly green but there are leaves on the ground as well.

It has been a good week – a somewhat normal week. I was able to get in runs on Monday and Tuesday and yesterday – along with a walk on Wednesday. My run yesterday was ugly and brutal. I only ran 5 miles and I am hoping to go long tomorrow.

Speaking of yesterday, it was nice to have almost day off. We went to the Brad Penn Oil Museum and the Marilyn Horne Museum – both of them are in Bradford. We also had a chance to walk through the Pumpkin Fest in Bradford.

We had a good worship service this morning. The Holy Spirit was very evident. We had 29 for worship – one of the best attended services this year. I asked the question, “Can I really trust God?” This afternoon we enjoyed a day of rest and that’s about all I have for the evening! Blessings…

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