A Running Wildlife Adventure

Photo by Ameresh Mishra on Pexels.com

For the most part my running week was sort of meh! Even though I have not been getting the kind of regular mileage I’ve wanted, I have been able to extend my long runs and I like what my long runs are doing for me.

For example, yesterday I went out for a short run of 4 miles. What was great about it is that all the miles were under an 11 minute mile and the overall pace was a 10:36. Which all things considered is pretty good of late.

It seems like I can get out for a long run every other week and today I was able to get out for a 10 miler. If completed, it would be my longest run of the year. I am happy to say I did complete it. My overall pace for 10 miles was an 11:40 – so you can see my fast run was about a minute per mile faster than my slow run and that is a good benchmark. So I was happy to complete 10 miles and hope to extend it out to 13 over the next couple of weeks.

Today’s run was also significant in that I saw a lot of wildlife; chipmunks, squirrels – black, grey and brown. I ran past a family of deer – well more than a family more like herd. It was foggy this morning, so I think that’s why more wildlife was out. But it was a gorgeous foggy morning to run. So much fun even though the last mile was more like torture. That’s something I have experienced over the last few weeks – no matter what – the last mile is tough.

That about wraps it up – my schedule looks good for this week, so I should be able to get some quality mileage in. So I do keep pressing on!

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