Sunday Night Thoughts

The first week of September is in the books and it looks like autumn is trying to make its appearance. The apple trees in our back yard are almost empty of leaves and the other trees have started to change color. We do have some leaves on the ground. Most of the ones that I can see have fallen since Friday. The grass was mowed then, so you can tell.

It’s been a busy week, but very rewarding. Wednesday evening, we kicked off our Kid’s Klub at McCrae Brook. We had about 8 adults and 3 kids, but it was good. We used some Go Fish Guys songs along with a couple of worship songs live with me on guitar. Our curriculum is from Children’s Ministry Deals and is called Pets: UN-leashing God’s Potential. It’s one of their older offerings but still relevant. We looked at what we can learn from the ant. Pam and I are looking forward to this Wednesday.

Our sidewalk project is finished except for some landscaping. This morning Pam and I found a little frog trying to make it’s way across the sidewalk. We have new steps leading to the parsonage – which are much better than the old concrete steps that were not evenly spaced.

Yesterday we had a great time at our annual church picnic. We had about 25 show up and we enjoyed a great time of fellowship on a bit of a cool day.

This morning I kicked off a new series called “Grown-up Faith.” We are looking at going deeper in the faith and explore why we don’t always grow up in the faith. To lead off worship we sang, “This is Amazing Grace,” and “O Praise the Name.” These are relatively new songs to our congregation but they did a great job singing them. The Holy Spirit was evident as we worshiped.

This afternoon, we had a nice double header of football. The Bills and the Eagles were playing at the same time, so we watched both and flipped back and forth. It was great watching both home teams win. That about wraps it up. Have a great week!

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