Running Update

After a couple of pretty frustrating weeks on the running front, I was able to have a decent week. I put up 26 miles – most of them running miles. August has been a bit of a frustration. I’ve not been able to establish a good running pattern. Two weeks ago I was able to up up 21 miles, but last week was paltry. One of the highlights this week was this morning’s 8 miler.

Here in NW Pennsylvania, we have something known as dendritic fog. The word dendritic means vein-like. NW PA (especially this time of year) has many fog-filled river valleys. When viewed from a satellite, they look like tiny veins. This morning was one of those mornings we had a dendritic fog. It always burns off by 9 or 10. At 7:30, we had quite the fog bank, but by 9, the fog was clearing off.

About three miles into the run, I took off my shirt – it was about 55 degrees, but I was sweating. About twenty minutes later I passed a female runner in all long sleeves and pants. She looked at me like a was crazy and asked, “Cold?” I said, “no.”

The run went well until mile 6. My pace was almost the same as my faster/shorter runs this week, and I told myself not to push it. Miles 7 and 8 were tough, but I kept pressing through and made it the full 8 miles. It’s probably only the second time I’ve run that far this year and I used to run 8 miles all the time. I’m hoping to extend it out another mile next week, because I know long runs help your over all pace and I have been missing them.

I have 59 miles for the month and with some success, I could be close to 90 for August. I would be happy with that, but to get to 1,000 miles for the year, I’m going to have to work hard in the fall and early winter. But for now, I keep PRESSING ON!

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