Sunday Night Thoughts

At the moment it’s a sunny day, but we have had hit and miss showers all day. We got a nice one in the 10 o’clock hour this morning – another one around 1 and just a few minutes ago – around 4:30. We heard on the radio, the next few days are going to be like this.

It’s been a really good week. I ended up with a couple of unexpected and welcomed bus runs. It’s hard to believe that school starts next week already. The summer has flown by.

Yesterday, we took the opportunity to take one last day trip. Our trip took us to the Eternal Flame Falls, and the Niagara Aerospace Museum. We were headed toward the Tesla statue at Niagara Falls, but let’s just say Niagara Falls was crazy. After that attempt we headed south to the Walden Galleria, before heading over to Duff’s Famous Wings. Pam, Anna, and I had been there before – just about a year ago, but James wasn’t with us. He was already back at Houghton. Speaking of which, just two weeks remain until we take him back for his senior year. Crazy.

Hopefully, I’ll get back on track this week with my running…but we do head back to school, so that will be a challenge.

We had a good worship service – completely Holy Spirit-led – and I love it when that happens. It started coming together early in the week. Even so, not all the pieces came together until this morning – even to the point of calling several audibles – I really felt like a quarterback listening for the calls from the Holy Spirit. But it was awesome. We changed up the order of service as we went. I ended up preaching about 10 minutes into the service and then following the preaching of God’s Word, we had a time of prayer and specifically for healing. It really was amazing.

It was the capstone to a really amazing week. This week Pam and I along with the other area clergy have the honor of serving our local teachers lunch on one of their in-service days. We are really looking forward to it.

With that, I’ll close. Have a great week.

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